A New Computer

Actually it's a P III out of the skip. …

They were having a clear out at my new job and I snaffled a Acer Veriton FP2. The thing looks like a giant lantern with its inbuilt Screen.

It's a flat screen too, so it must have been a top shelf thing in its time. It won't boot up and the optical disk won't open (I was told.) It has a Win 2000 licence pasted on the back and I hear Win 98 inside.

So someone had go at it.
Before it finally gets skipped, I'm going to try a couple of Linux distros on it. You can get restore disks for it online. One example is 11 Euros plus tax. I've no idea what that is in English.

I hope Linux will take care of all that. All I need to find is that it actually works.


11 thoughts on “A New Computer

  1. Originally posted by Pc Pro circa 2000:

    Acer Veriton FP2PC WorldBench 2000 score of 144, Pentium III-800EB CPU, 128MB of SDRAM, 256KB of L2 cache, Windows Me, 20GB hard drive, 10X-24X CD-ROM drive, integrated Intel 815 graphics, Acer TFT 15-inch LCD monitor, integrated sound, V.90 modem, integrated network interface, all-in-one case, Intel LANDesk Client Manager. Three-year parts and labor warranty; free, unlimited 24-hour tech support.$2099800/371-2237www.acer.com


  2. Oh, wait a minute. The $2099 USD is for the pc itself? 11 Euro is only about $15 USD so, yes, that's not bad at all.

  3. :yikes: 😀 Imagine the good old days when a Pentium 3 with tinny music and a screen that bleeds colours was worth 2000 dollars.I still haven't looked at it yet. Just going to now. Fingers crossed.

  4. ufff, look for something else. You, for sure, would find something cheap, and "acceptable" :). We have here, in my country, much more "acceptable" devices 🙂

  5. I can't imagine anything cheaper than a giveaway. I took the back cover off and guess what it's just a diddy little Dell type crapwox. The A drive and CD drive wouldn't pull off so I used force. Just tight thank goodness but the optical drive won't open.It has the standard 2 IDE drive connections and a tiny (probably very low power) CPU, that if I replace will have to sit on the side. The standard modern unit is too big to fit.2 sticks of 256 RAM. (V-TEC; OCM 796 PO 9582129)None of which bothers me. Even the fact the 20 GB HDD is a 15 GB one. (Seagate Barracuda ATA 3.) I'm curious to see what deadly or more likely dirty secrets it contains.I'll put my own optical drive and a new HDD on. The optic is just to wind the knicker elastic. I assume the BIOS battery has met its maker. But I won't be going online with it I suppose.What I want to do is see how a modern Linux will work on it. Not a fair test I know but if there is nothing worng with the machine can use it as storage. Also if I have to have one, it is a portable unit (for a he-man like me.)All the bolts were off the HDD just one left inside loose. It's an odd looking one with a blank length extending it to fit through the rubber mounts.I imagine it was all designed for quiet running and probably well thought out but not something you can extend. But with 2 USB points I don't need umpteen hard drives or whatever. But NO ROOM FOR CARDS?Seriously. I has only one add in card, a fax modem. But there is room in there for something. I'm not sure what. A wide port for a ribbon or card of some sort. It's about 1 1/4 IDE ribbons wide.(LAN ID: 35026B.)A sound card would have been nice. But not even a graphics channel. The VDU fixes in a standard way but then it goes straight into the MOBO.Ah well, now to put it all back.

  6. I can't put the DVD drive I'm using on this thing In the computer. It was designed to hold SCSI drives. So unless I can come across some old scuzzis in a car boot sale, it's going to the drawback.The Hard Drive is lying loose inside. I have the idea that aught to be a SCSI too but its an ordinary one.I put Ubuntu on it and the OS is too modern and powerful for the system. So I am reduced to using a Live CD which I am not going to bother with as I can't tidy it all away.I may return to it when I find out how to format the disk. Or I may just attempt to install Windows on it and see what goes. I want it for a back up and email so I don't fancy having Microsoft on it. That stuff takes more patching up continually than the experience is worth.But it may do to format the disc.At the moment I've had enough of it.I'd be quite pleased with it otherwise. Live Linux CDs are as fast as ffffast things on old machines and I would thoroughly recommend anyone getting a Linux magazine loaded with the different live distro versions in the giveaway DVD they come with.Pity I installed the full Ubuntu but there you go.I could have put any of the small versions on, with no trouble if I'd thought it out more clearly.

  7. I put the latest Ubuntiu on it as I had a manual for that. I now regret not putting one of the many lighhter distros written just for stuff like this.It works; like treacle. I need to format the drive. It won't let me change to a new distro. I suppose I could flash the BIOS. It seems to want SCSI drives not IDE.The next computer fair near me is on 2 May. I'll see what bargains there are there.

  8. yeah, you could try from BIOS. Laptops are using SCSI, usually Anyway, a DVD is very "fragile" on these devices, and hardly changeable (they are fitted for that specific laptop)

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