I they post you you will pay.

Nigeria 419 …

How do they find people stupid enough to fall for this sort of thing:

My name is Sgt. Nelson Dillon, serving in the Engineering military unit in
Ba'qubah in Iraq. As you know, we are being attacked by insurgents
everyday and car bombings.we found some money here in Baqubah in Iraq, we
cannot keep this money in the bank,because we are working for the
government,My partners and I need a good partner/individu sxgtal, someone we
can trust and We want to move this money out of iraq to a
reputable/sincere person for investment purposes.

We plan on using a diplomatic means to ship the money out as military
cargo, using diplomatic immunity.This is the reason for contacting
you.Once the funds get to you,take your 30% out and keep our own 70%.. The
only thing we require from you is just for you to help us find a safe
place where the funds can be sent to,because Iraq is a war zone. If you
are interested get back for more details.Email:sgt.nelson20@

Yet they do.

They only send this absolute drivel out because it makes money. And it does. So who falls for it? How could anyone that stupid have money? They don't deserve to. Honest men should rob them. It wouldn't be a crime.


3 thoughts on “I they post you you will pay.

  1. The message is so stupid that you want to slap the sender for being a moron.He can't use the banks which are easy to use for crime but can use diplomatic couriers which are not.As if telling us all that method makes it more reliable. But at least he got the fact that he can trust me, right.So if you have lots of money and no brains, are greedy and easily led into a life of crime and corruption but remain scrupulously honest, send all your money to a PO box in Camden, London or Lagos Nigeria.I'm sure that it will be better used.

  2. 😆 Well, giving us half of the diamond mines weren't working anymore, I guess, so they figured we'd all help our soldiers in combat. Sheeesh! Yes, some people will be gullible enough to believe this.

  3. They must do, otherwise the crooks would find someone else to rob. Granted the families in charge of the scams will just be ordering schoolchildren to write them for a penny a thousand, there are millions of millions of these things in circulation.I'm a little angry at them -even the starving kids. But the ones that I'd like to shoot are the stupid fools they catch.

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