New Things Learned

Elongations and tornado spells. …

There are some simple weather-lore type relationships that relate to the title.

When a tornado spell sweeps the USA it generally runs from west to east. Somewhere in the foothills of the Rockies oe or two tornadoes occur. In the next 24 hours this cell reappears in the Mid-West anf finally during the following 24 hours, the eastern states get event.

And the new thing learned?

In the North Atlantic, the sea level pressures behave in a remarkably consistent way.

The north Atlantic is divided into pressure areas separated by the 1016 millibar pressure isobar. When a tornado event occurs in the USA, one of the Low Pressure area moves between two High pressure areas and loses 5 millibars.

OK. I think I have mentioned that before.

A few days back a straight line of storms was reported on the Skywarn network. The US government runs a system of agencies that are second to none of their kind. They use all the latest equipment and all the latest technology to produce information about the environment that is so good I am surprised that an agency for evil such as the George Bush Gang hadn't tried to kill it all away.

Maybe he got the idea of turning the NSA into one of them? Instead of watching the environment they started watching everyone's private lives in perverse detail. Maybe a reaction to that will dismantle the good things.

If so you will know who to blame.

Well anyway, all rants aside. The rest of this thread is not so obvious.
Here is a picture of a line storm system:

And this is a picture of the storm cell pending:

That was before.

This is after:

If you can find Greenland on the chart you can see the interesting High Pressure. Greenland is in the top left of centre. (Next to the "legend".)


3 thoughts on “New Things Learned

  1. Oklahoma where the rain falls out of the skyAnd the racing feet can sure smell sweetWhen the wind comes sucking like a drain:OK OK OK!No tornadoes and no line storms but interesting. Grab it now before the season really starts and absolutely no clarity at all will become crystal clear.

  2. Not.The set up for the 1st was a classic tornado set up for the 2nd. But there just isn't enough information on the chart to follow it. This chart is produced by the UK. It's not from the CRU but a government agency not that far distant.Anyway here is the 3rd and 4th:Gone: You can see how difficult things get with this stuff: Gone again.

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