Google Alerts

I just got a google alert for news of tornadoes.

April 3-4 1974. …

I plugged the date into the NWS archive:
De nada.

So I tried 1984, then 1994. Eventually I got to this:

So maybe there is an archive out there? I may even have a link to the North Atlantic charts from about then.

Here is the article Google linked me to:

Originally posted by Accuweather:

April 3-4, 1974, marks the anniversary of the greatest tornado outbreak in United States history, which stretched from the Deep South all the way to the Great Lakes.

Forecasters knew something was coming in the days preceding the event. They knew a developing storm system over the central part of the nation had potential to bring severe weather. But lacking today's technology, the exact location and severity of the outbreak was unknown.

Here's the lunar phases leading up to it:

Mar 1 18:03
Mar 8 10:03
Mar 15 19:15
Mar 23 21:24
Mar 31 01:44
Apr 6 21:00

A pretty mixed bag. And not one of them a tornado spell.


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