Sonorous in Sonora

Yes I know it was Baja. …

Stuck on a misdirection most people will fail to see muc significance in the distances from the hills where the tremors took place and the adjacent hills.

To the north with the closely overlapping quakes is 10 km apart.
Further south about where the 7.2 hit, it is more like 20 Km.

What gets me is that there is bound to be a lot of upper atmosphere acoustics developed in such a set-up. Major blocking on the coast leads to radically altered atmosphere crossing that gap and developing lots of layering.

It is the interaction of the different layers that causes the noise.


One thought on “Sonorous in Sonora

  1. Migration imaging and forward modeling of microseismic noise sources near southern ItalyThis study examines the existence and location of persistent seismic noise near southern Italy.Persistent noise sources near the Gargano promontory and the Tyrrhenian Sea coast are strongly suggested. The presence of a single point source or a cluster of point sources could both produce coherent Rayleigh wave energy in southern Italy.The noise sources is still uncertain, baroclinic estimates and dynamic topography models favor atmosphere-ocean coupling and heightened wave interaction off the Adriatic coast. Records indicate these noise sources can maintain their average location for up to 7 months despite seasonal and, possibly, daily variations.

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