Here’s an odd one

Magnitude 7.1 Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska March 17, 2003 …

There was a large magnitude quake in mid March 2003:

The North Atlantic Weather chart is good for giving notice of these things:
Now you don't see it:

Now you do:

What happened here?

Here is the day before the above run:

It looks like it was made up up of forces already in the North Atlantic, a dual centred Low. Then it was joined by something that might have come from Cape Hatteras.
But that is blind guesswork.

So if it was a dual then it might well have been a severe tropical storm? It lasted long enough. Either that or two or three quakes not large enough to be recalled by the NEIC list?


3 thoughts on “Here’s an odd one

  1. [Originally posted by Wikipedia:

    ]Tropical Storm Ana was the only tropical cyclone on record in the Atlantic basin during the month of April.The first tropical cyclone of the season, it developed as a subtropical cyclone from a non-tropical low on April 20 to the west of Bermuda.It tracked east-southeastward and organized, and on April 21 it transitioned into a tropical cyclone with peak winds of 60 mph (95 km/h).Tropical Storm Ana turned east-northeastward, steadily weakening due to wind shear and an approaching cold front, and on April 24 it became an extratropical cyclone.The storm brushed Bermuda with light rain, and the remnants produced precipitation in the Azores and the United Kingdom. Swells generated by the storm capsized a boat along the Florida coastline, causing two fatalities.

  2. The Met Office used to store an archive of the worlds tropical storms. Maybe its due to being a bag of czjd or due to government cuts but the site is a bust at the moment.Worse, I culled most of the archive but of course I had it stored on a disc using Windows.CRAP.

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