Apr 14 12:29

I've got 2 days to wake up. What's your excuse? …

Two days to go for the next spell. This is a wet one. Cool and tending to breed storms rather than earthquakes.

Look out for long lasting Lows of below 970 millibars.

One more thing:
There are three of these things running consecutively:
Apr 14 12:29
Apr 21 18:20
Apr 28 12:18

May 6th will be somewhat different. At 04:15 it is the antithesis of the phase at 02:25 on 30th Mar last. That spell ran from the 30th to the 6th April 2010.

Originally posted by Wikipedia:

Antithesis (Greek for "setting opposite", from ἀντί "against" + θέσις "position") is a counter-proposition and denotes a direct contrast to the original proposition.

In setting the opposite, an individual brings out of a contrast in the meaning (e.g., the definition, interpretation, or semantics) by an obvious contrast in the expression.

I think I'd better point out now that the New Moon is the antithesis of the Full yet the effects are strikingly similar.
A fact which must have confounded Isaac Newton no end.


8 thoughts on “Apr 14 12:29

  1. Originally posted by from a newsgroup post:

    > > It may be the next 4 or 5 phases are similar: > > Apr 6 09:37 This one is only fairly similar to the following: > > Apr14 12:29. Apr21 18:20Apr28 12:18 and > > May 6 04:15 Which is the antithesis of the present spell. And in > > truth nothing like the preceding too, neither. > > The weather for the 14th, 21st and 28 have to be pretty much > > interwoven spells with similar problems recurring in different orders > > but all much the same. > > I'm not even going to try to suss out the one for 6th April. > Which is a pity as it may house an answer to …ah well never mind. > Suffice to say that when a new spell takes over a severe earthquake is > on the cards. But since this last spell was fully fraught with them… > The TV presenters are foretelling cold cloudy winds. Perhaps they mean > breezes? This should make the first one interesting: Feb 14 02:51 Feb 22 00:42 Compare: Apr 6 09:37 Apr 14 12:29 http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/phase/phases2001.html

    As an explanation to the events in which the Chilean superquake occurred:The preceding spell aught to have been thundery and the one in which the quake took place was supposed to be a col, a spell of troughs or ridges but overall, cold and overcast.This will be an interesting time.

  2. Look at all the highs: Once more with the weatherlore:When they are wrong and I am right, it's going to be a seismic fright.When they are right and I am wrong we'll more likely have a tropical storm.But they don't lasty long in a flaccid cycle: The latter image is the MetO forecast at 60 hours from Midnight (13/14th April 2010.)Take care.

  3. I forgot to add that there is a substantial outflow from the Iceland volcano with ash already falling on Norway and slated to reach London later today.Ash is natures way of feeding the fish. The Arctic for instance is fed when a Low adjacent an High takes Hawaiian detritus through the Bering sea.Algae blooms flourish when dust storms sweep the Sahara or Australia for example. The Sargasso sea is famous for its giant algae.I have no idea where the debris comes from for that. I was going to add a link but most of them contain nonsense and none show what the sargassum ends up as or at.I have heard it washes ashore on Portuguese coasts.

  4. Originally posted by from a newsgroup post made just now:

    > I've a feeling there will be a few tornadoes n this spell.> > Lots of 975's and a smattering of promised juxtaposition.It's 2 am now and not a lot has happened since this one:4.9 M. 2010/04/14. 12:37. -18.7. 167.3 Vanuatu.The salient point being the time is getting close to allowing a tropical storm to build or maybe a significant quake. A high 5 or low 6 Magnitude, at the moment.Allowing for the latency of the system, it has been 12 hours since a decent quake was posted. Of course if it is a storm it does not necessarily have to occur on the tropics. It might well be a tornado. Or a Low slipping into a front that might go underground in a day or more.About 15 hours lapse signifies a severe storm of hurricane values. Another 3 hours is equivalent to one more setting in the Saffir Simpson scale.

    Of course with all the background noise that must be going on following the Chinese quake, it is difficult to say what counts and what flouts. (Just look at what the USA is posting locally for the Mexican one a week or so back:http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_all.php)

  5. Serve me right trying to find out things directly. A more circumspect search yielded this nugget:Originally posted by Wikipedia:

    The Sahara desert is a key source of dust storms, particularly the Bodélé Depression and an area covering the confluence of Mauritania, Mali, and Algeria.Saharan dust storms have increased approximately 10-fold during the half-century since the 1950s, causing topsoil loss in Niger, Chad, northern Nigeria, and Burkina Faso. In Mauritania there were just two dust storms a year in the early 1960s, but there are about 80 a year today, according to Andrew Goudie, a professor of geography at Oxford University.Levels of Saharan dust coming off the east coast of Africa in June (2007) were five times those observed in June 2006, and were the highest observed since at least 1999, which may cool Atlantic waters enough to slightly reduce hurricane activity in late 2007.Dust storms have also been shown to increase the spread of disease across the globe. Virus spores in the ground are blown into the atmosphere by the storms with the minute particles then acting like urban smog or acid rain.


  6. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    4.9 M. 2010/04/14. 12:37. -18.7. 167.3 Vanuatu.

    4.9 2010/04/14 23:54:18 -13.883 166.630 73.5 VANUATUAbout 12 hopurs = Gale to strong gale. Or a 5.8 to 6.3 M. ~ish.Apart from the pressure centres, I can't make out what the isobars on this site say:http://weatheroffice.gc.ca/data/analysis/947_100.gifI think it goes up in 8 millibar jumps but I'm not sure.The Met Office uses 4 millibar intervals but usually there is less detail to fit in on the North Atlantic chart.

  7. This is more like April should be:April's showers bring forth May's flowers. The light showers and almost continuous alternate sunny weather of April have not occurred this month so far.We had an High that went off with a subterranean bang. Now we have the tornadic stuff and only one tornado report. By the 19th, the 1016 millibar pressure line will be in Spain.Overnight the col that then develops between Ireland and Greenland will disappear then that 1016 will be back in France. By the 23rd, we should have real April weather: https://www.fnmoc.navy.mil/wxmap_cgi/cgi-bin/wxmap_loop.cgi?&area=ngp_atlantic&dtg=Except that the spell changes on the 21st and things in Iceland will tend to throw things into the wind -more than just the VA in VAAC.

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