No idea what this phenomena might be called. …

Here's an odd one:
Mag. 6.2. at 23:15. on 2010/04/17.
6.7 degrees South. 147.3 degrees East. East New Guinea region PNG.

Nothing outstanding in the North Atlantic. I can't see much in the north Pacific either.
But there is this:

Which became this:


2 thoughts on “Bi-Convergence

  1. I'm referring to the ridge of high pressure; the dual High over Britain and the Atlantic, just to the west.I have seen that an anticyclone moving from North America into the Atlantic by way of Cape Hatteras, will produce quakes the same way they occur for lows doing the same thing.Highs of course are the more rare phenomena.Now it seems that divergence in Highs is the cause of quakes. And the system runs like this:Convergence (waves of low pressure building up) and divergence (the waves separate out once more.) With lows in the North Atlantic, convergence normally takes place over the Mid Atlantic Ridge.I hadn't heard of the same thing happening with anticyclones (Highs.)But it is logical they shift the other way.When I say "logical" ……..

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