Some knew directions

A relapse into subscurity. …

I have been unable to access my account at Google groups lately. Oddly I have access to my gmail account and though signed in am not able to signe in for the groups service.

Whether this is a result of the attacks on Google coming from China or it is an Opera problem, it has given me pause for thought.

I use the groups as a means of dating my work. It is also nice to have a repository for my thoughts and ideas. But my attitude while on there leaves a lot to be desired and if I aim to be a better person, then I will have to make a fresh start.

I don't intend to kill the Weatherlawyer marque but maybe the conditions at could be improved upon before I return. I have recently formed a very low opinion of them. The scandal at the Climate Research Unit went unremarked for the most part. And the double standards of the committee called on to look into the matter have been totally ignored.

Not that I was ever much interested in climatology. And I doubt I'll be missed in any case. My ideas were never followed by anyone there except a couple of clowns and an idiot.

And I have become more and more abusive.

So that's it with them.

I came back from a car boot sale today with a £10 computer. It is a nice, fairly clean box with a K7 AMD in it. No hard drive but that's no problem to me. I'll put Chrome OS on it; if it works. Maybe look out for another Barton or whatever I can get to upgrade it cheaply.

Since I only need to surf the net and access Gmail and this blog, it will be good enough. I may even have another 1/2 a GB of RAM for it somewhere.
That will be the end of this half-arsed Linux distro Kubuntu. By no means a favourite. Maybe I should have put Ubuntu with Gnome on it.

I still have a few things on this PC that need sorting, several half finished essays I lost track or interest in. And that is why I have not replaced the OS. It seems to have a grudge against me putting another OS in the box and loading a better version on it.


4 thoughts on “Some knew directions

  1. The computer is an AMD Duron. But this OS, Ubuntu 9.1 is excellent on it. I can't understand why pople chuck stuff like this away.Maybe they absolutely HAD to have Vista.Maybe they needed to prove they were real computer wizards and could run the worst operating system since Satan invented Merchant Banking.

  2. I could sell this machine for £20 and make a profit or I could sell the other one that Kubuntu or some other bug keeps resetting my BIOS on and that I dilike using so much but it has the modern HDD drive fittings and make a loss.Or I could install Ubuntu on that and put a new mouse on it too…Decisions, decisions!Oh!Now I'm cold as well as tired. I should get up. Get ready for work, come home and go to bed.I started taking a router apart yesterday. The new one with all the bits and the collet for smaller bits that I was going to take to work but only found out it wasn't working as I was about to leave.Now all the bits are swimming around my ankles with the leftovers from the Antec Veriton FP 2.I want to go to sleep.Now update manager wants to ruin my life.

  3. I got the HDD from another box that had been thrown out at work. The Antec I wrote about in another blog post. 16 BG and already 17% used. That seems like a huge chunk of software for an operating system. I was disgusted with XP for needing a bit less than that.Then again I suppose all the stuff that comes with i is over engineered.I hate the way Linux aps has every whistle and bell working flat out. I used to use Notepad to strip unwanted code between XL and Word.To do something similar these days I have to post to a website, re copy it after the page has loaded then paste to the spread sheet or visa versa.I detest the gedit note pad in Kubuntu. It's on this thing too but I haven't tried it yet.I still have a problem opening bookmarks I wonder if closing tabs will be a problem also.Or maybe its the mouse. It's an old mouse I should replace. But it seems serviceable except for the problem above. I thought it was Opera doing it but I don't have that on here yet, just Firefox.It has to be the mouse, doesn't it?It can wit until May when there is a computer fair nearby.That's odd…Firefox came with its own dictionary and didn't recognise Firefox as a word.How did I manage before in-line dictionaries?OOF! I want to go back to bed but it is nearly time to get up.

  4. When I go to this computer fair do I buy parts for the Acer or what?The thing would be a nice machine if I could get a decent mobo for it but the box is too shallow for a graphics card.I think not.Just put it all back and see if I can get a way of loading a "small Linux for the incapable" on it.I'm trying to remember what I have on the Opera quick start. I can recall 8 out of 9 so what am I missing?Something important obviously.

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