Daze of Morning

A fresh start at pulling the wool over our eyes. …

After the War To End All Wars we had another one with even more of the same.

There followed a period of mad destruction where weapons developers used their products on their ex-colonies and their weapons of massive destruction not on their enemies, former friends or potential threateners but on their own selves.

This was and still is the third world war, the Cold War.

Most think it is over. But it is never over. It used to be called The Great Game. Manoeuvres behind the scenes as one super-power moved its forces to oppose the other super power -whichever that was after the death of Alexander The Great killer.

When he died his family were killed and his generals fought among themselves smashing the Greek/Macedon Empire into pieces.

There followed what came to be known in a later phase: Internecine wars; until the greatest protagonists had ruined themselves, allowing the least prepossessing of them to step in: Rome.

Rome was an outpost of the Greek Empire. The real money was in Egypt and Mesopotamia. And the constant arms race and warring between those powers eventually had the conclusion all empires come to: Financial Crises.

Britain was pushed into such a crisis before WW 1 when it engaged in replacing its first iron ships with Dreadnoughts. Russia came to it's end as a Communist state with the war in Aghanistan and decades of protest no longer amenable to the usual solutions.

China is still getting away with murder and the USA learned a sharp lesson when George Bush attempted to fight another Vietnam all over again. Make no mistake the solution to this epic is the destruction of the USA and the United Kingdom and all the so called allies engaged in the foolishness there today.

To fight a war with troops ill prepared is one thing. To fight a war without the finances to continue it to the end, is ridiculous. Several countries not involved in wars are bankrupt at the moment. They have no way of even paying the interest on their loans.

How much more difficult is the economics for nations at war?

At its height, Rome banished all politicicking in Egypt. It made a statement to the effect that any country involved in further destabilising the area would be liable to attack from Roman forces. Egypt became a neutral zone. And the bread basket of the world.

But then the Romans in need of finance for their armies of occupation required taxes from their colonies. And they invented a tax on trees. In effect they passed a law that money grew on trees.

The inevitable result of that madness was that everyone with a tree that was uneconomical to them, chopped it down. Now the Sahel, most of the region of the early Roman Empire, is a desert or semi-desert. As the Roman Empire fell into decline, pressure mounted on all the ports in its southern reaches as the loss of trees lead to the silting up of major rivers.

What we have left of the Roman Empire became the Franco-Germanic wars of the dark ages and eventually the birth of the Protestant empires -chief of which was the British Empire; a regime built on arms selling, piracy and slavery -a living death for its victims.

The last spokes of the wheel are the alliances between Britain and anyone that still wants to do business with it.

So how is the hole thing helled together?


It is all held together with empty promises.
Look and listen and learn.
They are not out to get you.

They are out to get you comatose.
Look at all the empty heads bowed in China today as it mourns what the planet does every day; about four or five times a day. If it were the sons of gun runners and slavers in a Protestant land on Remembrance Day, you'd imagine them praying. Praying to a god they don't really believe in and praying to a god that is not listening anyway.

Who are the machined crowds in China appealing to?


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