18:20. Apr 21 2010

You may not have noticed it but we are in a new weather spell. …

Apr 14 12:29 Apr 21 18:20 Apr 28 12:18

More of the same. Eyafoll should still be pumping out despite what local nations and major airlines won't tell you. And of course the TV and newspapers won't be rocking that boat either.

I dare asay the abrasion to aircraft is easier to live with than paying the customers. Unless you are RyanAir.

If they get their way all they will have to refund is the return fair. And if they can get the other airlines to bribe enough Eurotrickstans they will have a new law shunting the VAAC cops into the sidelines.

Until several hundred people die in a /flying sledge.

Nothing to do with me. You've been warned now take your choices.


This set of occluded fronts looks interesting:

This is more like the norm for April:

Hardly Britain's April Showers.

One has to wonder how the Plains Indians coped in the pre-equestrian era of the bison. It's a pity there is no-one left to ask.


22 thoughts on “18:20. Apr 21 2010

  1. I agree that weather chart is interesting. You didn't pull it out with your finger did you?I just got a new browser for my BlackBerry and am up on it now(etiquette shmettiquette!). It downloads the desktop page. In that respect it works better than Omini. Somewhat ironic, no?

  2. The ratshit and fingers up bums tags are my comment on the state of the world's leadership. The tags link rants so maybe not a follow this link link.Who wants to read someone else's downers?We worship Mammon these days and with the sophistication everyone thinks we have, they fear nothing more than an eventual death. Everyone serves themselves. I am no exception but at least I am honest about it.If only the people in charge of setting out computer proframmes for analysing weather would put in that the original cause of weather is the same as for earthquakes, we'd have much more success with the outputs.That's the Cassandra tag.She was a slave at Troy (or somewhere) with a gift for forecasting events that no-one ever considered too, neither.'Twas ever thus.

  3. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Weatherlawyer

    Talking of which:Does it seem to you that the number of Lows involved in the gap between the two Highs is a mark of how much tornadic stuff is in the air?I'm assuming you are still with me about the fundamentals. The stuff that doesn't belong is of course the High over Greenland. That is something that can last a long time but is associated with disastrous weather such as might have happened in the early 19th century and all its volcanic activity.The other High is in the Med where the weather that properly belongs is a Low.There are places on the planet that are known to harbour Lows and places where there are always Highs. The Bermuda/Azores High for example and the Icelandic Low. The South of France usually has a Low over it. Certainly in winter. Not so marked in summer though. Obviously.But if it was easy every other fool would be doing it, wouldn't they?

  4. Here is an example of the gap in the number of quakes before or during a series of more hazardous phenomena:5.0 2010/04/24 00:00 SOLOMON ISLANDS4.7 2010/04/23 10:14 TARAPACA, CHILE14 hours is quite a trip. The North Atlantic Chart is a good 24 hour hour notification of something like that brewing. The NEIC list is probably late with the news as the event is part of the the same step foretold by the North Atlantic chart set-up.I don't think I made that very clear.I believe the sound that is responsible, is evolved from the interaction of layers of atmosphere. From the results, the next step is an event to the west. Stuff leaving Cape Hatteras seems to be linked with the Aleutians some 80 degrees west.Stuff pointed out by the chart seems to occur 24 hours later but whether it is an earthquake or a tornado, there seems only one way of telling:If my version of the lunar code is in error (which it is but only in the type of weather) (the forecast that it would be the same weather for the three similar spells is holding out so far.)If my version of the lunar code is in error …then the phenomena that develops will depend on the accuracy of other forecasters.If they are spot on, it means their computers saw things I didn't -such as tornadoes or hurricanes developing.There are dozens if not hundreds of paid meteorologists all over the world, all interconnected and armed with amazing kit and most importantly -organised. And they all have secure salaries linked pensions and health care.It's easy to poke fun at my errors.I've got to shift for myself and I don't even have accurate up to date data. Nor can I get hold of research papers easily. I don't have anyone I can discuss this stuff with and most importantly:It can't be checked by my superiors.I am my superiors.There is no-one like me on the planet for this stuff.If the meteorologists, for all their trade secrets, are wrong or uncertain it means their computers have missed a trick -which is what happens when it is an earthquake.Logical, no?BUT!You can't use the earthquakes to forecast tornadoes; -it might be more earthquakes. All it can tell you is that there is something building and that the build up is as powerful as the time lapse.A bit of modern weather-lore -which is all I really do. I'm just looking for simple answers. And not presenting my results too well.Basically any anomaly is a potential. And this lore of the weatherlawyer shall be written in all the world wide web for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the disaster come. When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Weatherlawyer the thaumaturge, get ready to run like hell…. (Matthew 24)

  5. According to this:http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/surface_pressure.html has had its fling. I have no doubt the Smithsonian report will show a decline in activity if the MetO forecast is correct.As it is in line with what we should expect in April I have no doubt it is correct.We might have guessed a return to normality when we heard the eruptions were now causing a different type of problem in the Iceland's own airports were now closed whilst they had remained open all through the closure of airports in northern Europe.The Smithsonian doesn't update until late Wednesday GMT (about mid day Wednesday in American time.) I must remember to read the report.

  6. I trained in meteoro and ocean observation in the US Coast Guard. I can follow some of your ramblings but I wasn't criticizing I just chose a link to follow on this new browser. Gotta get up and setup the solar panel. I don't leave it out if there'll be dew. Later

  7. Hey no Javascript error notice but it did post 2x. I shoulda just left it but wanted to be sure. Edited by Weatherlawyer:Hey I didn't know I can do this. If I was on the first forum I ever joined I'd have some fun with this.I deleted the second of your double posts, just thought I'd add the edit to tell everone else of my millions of secret admirers.

  8. Opera does that tetchy browser thing. Not a great advert.Anyway sorry for messing with your post. I wouldn't do that ordinarily but seeing the ability for the first time, I had to have a go.Back to the thread topic:I see a large quake has struck after the trend to larger magnitudes. I wonder if that is part of the story or just "one of those things".Obviously with stuff leaving the USA causing quakes in points west, one would expect an increase in stuff over thataway. And with the stuff leaving being ex-tornado cells one would expect large magnitudes.I suppose all things being equal, including the first cause, all quakes would rise in accord. I suppose I'd better post a picture?From here:http://weather.unisys.com/images/sat_sfc_map_loop.html

  9. Or not, as the case seems to be.Notice the High off the east coast.Stuff comes in as a Low then it goes over several large mountains gaining <ahem>Height</ahem> then it lowers<ahemagen> But I don't know where the High came from.Very odd. There is another magical appearance in the southern states too.

  10. Aught to be in England now that April's there: (For those not in the know (i.e. everyone else but me) the point to note is the 1016 millibar line over the UK.)

  11. April is a time when pressure systems surround Britain forming "cols" and supplying sun-showers. (Periods of rain followed immediately by periods of sunny weather.)The dividing line between the sea level pressure systems in the North Atlantic is the 1016 millibar line. It flows between all the Highs and Lows and it crosses into the Pacific.Check it out on the Canadian chart:http://weatheroffice.gc.ca/data/analysis/947_100.gifYou might have to go to a library or Internet Café to see it clearly.It looks like their isobars go up and down in 4 millibar steps.If I had a clue how to use Gimp or any picture manipulator, I'd have a go at highlighting the 1016 lines. But using logic and no charts it has to work out that way.There is a cut off point at which an anticyclone stops rotating. The same is true for a cyclone. Otherwise we'd just have the one -or maybe a series of one or the other; rather than series of both.That line just happens to be around the 1016 pressure level.Since it neither rotates or takes sides, it follows it can not, or at least, does not interact. Whence it follows that it is free to follow the contours between both cyclones and anticyclones.No?It's the same for things we call "elongations".These "ridges" of high pressure or "troughs" of low pressure aren't all that high or low. They start to develop when the system loses potential and becomes flaccid.They appear all over charts where the North Atlantic or the North Pacific is in what meteorologists and <spit>climatologists</spit> call the negative cycle. (-ve NOA)They can't make up their minds where this cut-off point in the NAO takes place this results in the user depending on his own experience to draw the line. Some say from the differences in average pressure readings at so and so in Greenland or wherever and the station at so and so somewhere else.But I won't use averages. In Thaumaturge, it has to be all or nothing. Cause and effect depends on immediacy not on climatic averages.Hence thaumaturge can utilise no computers and did so for millennia unless you count primitive lunar solar calendars. Weather forecasting OTOH requires supercomputers. This is because the users don't really know what they are doing.

  12. The torndo report posted in the edit of the OP shows a series of cells forming three or four parallel lines.Take the following code:100424_rpts.gif…and change the last number to see the chart for the day before:100423_rpts.gifYou see the same structure: (I'm not sure this will work.I get tired of manipulating the edit post section to get an image link for the comments section so I just copied the code for a successful implant and changed a couple of bits of it:IMGCENTER=http://files.myopera.com/Weatherlawyer/blog/100424_rpts.gifbecame:IMGCENTER=http://files.myopera.com/Weatherlawyer/blog/100423_rpts.gif)Maybe they aught to have a tab bar to do this with.Wait…Opera NotesPURRRFECK!(If it wurks.)

  13. I was thinking:Shall I close this tab and then re-open it and see if the majic wurked?And then i got reel.Buggrit!

  14. (TWIMC)Browsers feed off many servers, even at a web page that has just one server, the disks on it take time to interact.Sometimes I despair of mortal man.It's not easy being a demi-god. On the one hand you know everything and on the other, bugger-all.

  15. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    Aught to be in England now that April's there:

    I've just realised there hasn't been a significant quake yet. Unless it was that 6M yesterday?2010/04/24. 07:41. KEPULAUAN OBI, INDONESIA6M and a tropical storm. I can live with that.

  16. You're doing a lot of work there. I've got repairs to do on my trike and believe me my tools are just as limited as my cpu's. The only thing more so is my electricity. Since it's warming up nicely today, I'm gonna log out and flood me with more "news".

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