Fooled Paradise

The British General Election. …

Three front runners and nobody has said anything so far.

That about sums up all the electioneering from the Conservatives, Liberals and the other one.

The other one used to be the working-man's party. I've no idea what it's for these days. The Republican party?
The previous head of the Labour Party was certainly a sock puppet for the George Bush miscreant party. But for the life of me I can not tell anyone the difference between whoever we have a choice of at the moment.

All three are keeping quiet about what they are supposed to be doing or going to do. And all three are adamant they know that wahtever the others are going to do if they get in, it is going to be the wrong thing.

Basically, they don't have a clue. And it is contagious. I wouldn't cross the street for any one of them. Even the BBC with its top political pundits, ran a programme called: "What aren't they telling us?".


2 thoughts on “Fooled Paradise

  1. Looks like the regular cons have got in. The conservatives are the equivalent of the Bush party.Bunches of corrupt crooks will be replacing the mouldy defeated bunch of crooks.No change as far as I can see. It's all just numbers and I don't really give a rats bum. I'm not up this late to see who won. I am up this late because I am old and sick.Sick to death of knowing that these swine are going to be crowing, knowing that they lied while other people died. I would love to have a reason to believeBut I don't.

  2. 1. Nobody is going to sugest getting out of this stupid affair with the USA. More deaths from the invader party in Iraq and Afghanistan, then.2. Job cuts. Daft, silly and stupid going-nowhere idealisms set up by the outgoing bunch of fixers will be dumped in favour of vote winning daft, silly and stupid going-nowhere idealisms set up by the next bunch of waxy faced crooks.3. Talk talk talk.4. Overall failure and another election in 4 or 5 years time.Let's hope it all falls apart by then and total anarchy or Christ's kingdom gets here soon.Whichever.

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