6 May 2010. 04:15

Discrete of my success. …

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Boy am I glad nobody is watching me at the moment.

There is a general election on in Britain today. It's called a general election because generally the nation is about to elect a party that is going to generally have a free hand to do what it likes without much general opposition -apart from some general publicity.

Generally we have not received much information about who, what or how the people involved are going to do generally what the hell they want. Generally, we can expect the usual nonentities to toe the party generality and do generally what the party leader requires.

We generally don't know what that will be.

Which brings me to this coming weather spell. Generally what it is going to do baffles me.

I suspect the end of the present run will be a whiplash that can come any day of or all through the next week or so. Generally.

The following spell is (in a positive North Atlantic Cycle) a wet one. (Boy will it be a wet one if the weather pays its debt.) There will be blood.

This looks generally livid:


13 thoughts on “6 May 2010. 04:15

  1. Damn!I screwed up my computer with a disc from a computer fair the other day. Now I'm on an old install of mandriva and I think it has a setting I don't know about for the bookmarks. Firefox/Mandriva anyone?I've no idea what distro it is. This site has left me in the lurch:http://www.spc.noaa.gov/climo/reports/100402_rpts.htmlI posted an image from it in another thread. Now I need to find it and do something about that.RATS!

  2. Originally posted by Google & Associated Press:

    29 dead after tornado, storm in southwestern China(AP) – 8 hours agoBEIJING — A tornado and strong winds swept through southwestern China early Thursday, killing at least 29 people and injuring nearly 200, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said.More than 70,000 people were relocated after torrential wind, rain and hail lashed the city of Chongqing overnight, the ministry said on its website. One person remains missing and 190 have been hurt, it said.Thousands of buildings have been damaged in the hardest hit counties of Liangping and Dianjiang, disaster relief officials said, according to the official Xinhua News Agency.In Dianjiang, storms destroyed 980 residential buildings and damaged more than 10,000. The damage was estimated at more than 120 million yuan ($17.6 million), a county government spokesman said.Xinhua said the tornado struck the area around 2 a.m. Thursday. Winds reached up to 70 miles per hour (112 kph), while heavy rains pounded the area over a 24-hour period.The Chongqing municipal civil affairs bureau has sent 300 tents, 1,000 quilts and emergency lights to the affected regions. In addition, municipal health authorities have dispatched two teams of medical workers to storm-hit areas.


  3. I lost my disputrid again D'd Linux. And I bought a copy of XP. But can't get through to Microsoft to register it. I take it can register it?Otherwise I shall just get pirate warez to compensate, having paid for an OS I need an OS.But because M$ no longer supports it I am to do without? It's not as if the product was stable. Ever.You need to reinstall XP every 6 months or so if you are and heavy user.That's because it reles on so many thrid party products to keep it afloat. They might blame attacks. But a sound OS would present a reliable set of security updates on their own.Or let others alone to do so.So here comes Tiny XP.(I only need it to access my ISP e-mails. What a crock of fertiliser!)(Please excuse the watered down epithets, they were upsetting a ****** reader. And I can't afford to lose one of them -even if they are ******.)

  4. I am using **** Small Linux art the moment. A "Live CD" (actually a DVD hence my problem as the ****** who set the box I am using had the CD player as the master and the DVD as slave)Despite the way the jumper settings were located the Master slave of the two optical drives was the wrong way around. It was because the Motherboard was reading the cable as the guide rather than the jumpers. And the ribbon was plugged into the wrong slot on the board.(An unusual problem AFAIAC. I have never seen such a thing before.)I broke the metal strips on the box to rehouse the Optics, this allowed me to reach the other slot. And I bet you don't have the faintest idea what I am talking about.Neither did I until a short while ago.A Live Cd is a free DVD distro in my case that holds the operating system on a disc. It makes use of modern memory availability. DSL is a very tightly cut down OS and can run well on very old boxes.I hope. I'm going to be using it in a P3 if I can. I need to get it to install and I can't see how.But back to the thread topic:

  5. I have no idea how common these are:http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=aircraft%20crashes&hl=en&client=firefox&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:unofficial&prmdo=1&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbo=u&tbs=blg:1,nws:1&source=og&sa=N&tab=bnI believe these are rare thank goodness:http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&client=firefox&tbo=p&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aunofficial&prmdo=1&tbs=nws%3A1&q=mine+disasters&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=Only one , as if that wasn't plenty.Even the BBC were aware of tornadic dangers in the USA and since their forecasts were on the ball, I have to assume that the spell is not normally like its pedecessors.Now I have to load all my web pages and can't remember what they are.The NEIC is the obvious one:http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_all.phpOh!Northern Sumatera:7.2 M. 2010/05/09 06:00 GMT. 3.8 N. 96.1 E N. Sumatra, Indonesia.Bang on the ball. You didn't need me to inform you. A mining disaster always occurs with a large mag quake. Just because occasionally the "News" misses it, it doesn't mean it never occurred. It may well have happened in a disused or undiscovered site.(Hardly the scientific method. But that doesn't make me wrong. And I don't give a stuff ***** about proof. This blog is about saving lives; not pleasing a bunch of bigoted scientists.)

  6. I'm using Slitaz Linux. It is fast as **** but has no spell checker.Sorry about that. I might get around to editing it later. Meanwhile I am losing met charts.Too bad. But in reality, I don't need them as much as you do. Get them yourself. Learn how to use them. Master your futures yourselves.Or die. You don't have to go down the mines on a bad day for mining.

  7. I forgot to mention the VAAC from EEKyourfountain:Originally posted by Google News:

    Search Results 1. Scottish airports worst hit by ash ‎ BBC News – 17 hours ago The airport operator BAA has reported that passenger numbers from Scottish airports fell by more than 28% in April due to the impact of the volcanic ash. … BAA passenger numbers fall under ash cloud‎ – Times Online Ash cloud hits BAA passenger totals‎ – The Press Association BAA April traffic hit by volcano ash disruption‎ – Reuters UK FHR Travel Services – Karachi News all 128 news articles » Times Online 2. Ash cloud likely to delay more flights ‎ Indian Express – 2 hours ago Several international flights may continue to be delayed as they will have to take longer routes to India owing to the cloud of ash hovering over the North … Video: Iceland's Volcano Ash Shuts European Airports YouTube The Associated Press Europe faces fresh flight disruptions from ash cloud‎ – AFP Volcano ash continues to disrupt air travel‎ – The Guardian Scotsman – BBC News all 2979 news articles » Globe and Mail 3. Ash cloud causes more travel misery ‎ The Press Association – 41 minutes ago Air passengers face more disruption as the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud causes further delays and cancellations. Budget airline Ryanair said it has … Iceland volcano ash cloud: Spain affected and Italy could be next‎ – Daily Mail Holidaymakers facing more flight misery as ash cloud grounds …‎ – Scottish Daily Record Ash clouds continue to choke Euro air space‎ – Oneindia Entertainment and Showbiz! – Daily Star all 42 news articles » Earthtimes (press release) 4. Fulham can fly to final as ash cloud fears subside ‎ Independent – Duncan Bech – 6 hours ago Fulham expect no disruption to their travel plans for the Europa League final after fears that the volcanic ash cloud would spread eased … Europa League ash worries subside‎ – ESPN Atletico get early flight to Hamburg to dodge ash cloud‎ – Reuters India Fulham fear for Europa League journey with volcanic ash cloud …‎ – Daily Mail Premier League FanHouse (blog) – This is London all 445 news articles » Goal.com 5. Ryanair confirms volcanic ash found in engines of two planes ‎ Irish Independent – Treacy Hogan – John Walshe – 1 hour ago The airline initially said the aircraft had separate technical problems unrelated to the Icelandic ash plume. … Ryanair admits volcanic ash in Belfast engines‎ – BBC News Ryanair denies ash causing delays‎ – BBC News Engine ash grounds Ryanair planes‎ – U.TV Belfast Telegraph – Belfast Telegraph all 10 news articles » BBC News 6. Irish airports reopen despite Atlantic ash cloud ‎ The Associated Press – Shawn Pogatchnik – 3 days ago DUBLIN — Ireland reopened its western airports Friday but warned that a 1000-mile-long (1600-kilometer-long) cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland was still … Video: Flights grounded as volcanic ash cloud returns YouTube ITN NEWS UK airports reopen after volcanic ash cloud closures‎ – BBC News UK airports reopen as volcanic ash cloud drifts west‎ – The Guardian Daily Mail – Reuters all 3938 news articles » Telegraph.co.uk 7. Irish flights resume amid ash cloud ‎ Aljazeera.net – 1 day ago They were closed progressively on Sunday after concentrations of volcanic ash, which is believed to damage plane engines, drifted across Irish airspace. … Ash causing flight restrictions‎ – BBC News Volcanic ash cloud latest‎ – TravelBite.co.uk Minimal disruption to flights expected this week‎ – Irish Times Irish Independent – The Press Association all 138 news articles » BBC News 8. Volcanic ash causes more cancellations ‎ Express.co.uk – John Ingham – 6 hours ago VOLCANIC ash caused more cancellations yesterday – as a British-based airline claimed that airspace was being closed unnecessarily. … Volcanic ash may return to Europe, hit air traffic‎ – Reuters German airlines blast Sunday airspace closures‎ – Reuters UK all 32 news articles » Easy Destination Blog (blog) 9. Aer Lingus feels ill wind of ash with 27pc drop in passengers ‎ Irish Independent – John Mulligan – 1 hour ago NEW passenger figures from Aer Lingus yesterday confirmed the extent with which volcanic ash from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano has … Aer Lingus urges review of system to measure ash‎ – Irish Times Aer Lingus grounded by ash cloud‎ – ShareCast Aer Lingus, BAA Traffic Down Due To Ash Clouds‎ – Wall Street Journal RTE.ie – IrishExaminer.com all 26 news articles » RTE.ie 10. Volcanic ash cloud threatens UK airspace as European airports close ‎ The Guardian – 1 day ago Air travellers are facing a double threat involving the latest ash plume from Iceland's volcano moving around into UK airspace, as well as a union summit to … BA CREW TO STRIKE FOR 20 DAYS‎ – Daily Star all 1096 news articles » The Guardian

  8. From one of the links above: Originally posted by Independent (Irish edition):

    VOLCANIC ash has been found in the engines of two Ryanair aircraft.The airline initially said the aircraft had separate technical problems unrelated to the Icelandic ash plume.However, after subsequent tests, Ryanair yesterday confirmed that two of its aircraft that landed at Belfast City Airport at the weekend had traces of ash in their engines.The two planes, which were due to fly to London, were grounded on Sunday — but they were put back into service yesterday after manufacturer-approved procedures were completed by engineers.The company claimed there was no cause for concern. A spokeswoman insisted: "There was no risk to anyone."Ryanair was unable to explain the ash in the engines, other than saying there were trace elements in the air.The planes had flown in UK airspace, which was open and unrestricted at the time.Aircraft-makers have provided guidance to all airlines for this type of minimal exposure.Other aircraft operators have already had this level of exposure and it will become routine the longer the ash plume remains.Meanwhile, air travellers were promised only "minimal disruption" today as it emerged that Irish academics have developed the country's first system of forecasting the dispersion of the ash plume.Sophisticated….

    You may be aware of the ****storm about the need for VAAC advisories and the legal shutdown and flight cancellations that the airlines wanted to over-ride?Wll now you know why the revelant authorities put those safeguards in place. By the way the article went on under the heading at which I cut the quote off.I just wanted to tell you that in popular useage, the word sophisticated means "latest technology" or "up-to-the-minute engineering". What it really meant was "false".The web of detail that is invented to account for discrepancies in a lie. That is the original meaning of sphisticated. Catered for by sophistry.Originally posted by Wikipedia:

    Sophism can mean two very different things: In the modern definition, a sophism is a specious argument used for deceiving someone. In Ancient Greece, the sophists were a group of teachers of philosophy and rhetoric.The term sophism originated from Greek σόφισμα, sophisma, from σοφίζω, sophizo "I am wise"; confer σοφιστής, sophistēs, meaning "wise-ist, one who does wisdom, one who makes a business out of wisdom" and σοφός, sophós means "wise man".

    If you tell people enough lies enough people will believe them for long enough to allow the liars to make money out of them.On a grand scale genocidal maniacs can sweep a country free of untiarians and witches and people who won't do exactly what you want.The dupes will drop airliners into tower blocks. Round up all the people in a twon rape the women and kill the men and boys. They will operate concentration camps for years and spend the rest of their lives pretending it wasn't them.People ccan be tricked out of a lot more than their bank accounts. If you find it hard to understand how people fall for 419-ers, take a look at the history of your country.The state crimes they commited was with the assent of the masses. Those masses were in ordinary everyday thoughts, lucid and reasonable. But when thye get lead into the lies they blank out.You do it.You believe that the meteorological offices and all the super computers all over the world can't forecast the weather pasts a few paltry days, because it is impossile to forecast the weather years in advance.It is possible to forecast volcanic eruptions. Never mind weather and harvests, we CAN forecast earthquakes if we want.WE DON'T WANT.That's the only explanation.YOU wnat to believe we lack sophistication, the ability to forsee. You want to believe that in time we will do these things but not yet.If we'd spent more time on the research and less on the sophistry and death and destruction, the raping and the looting and all that genocide, we could have done it a couple of thousand years ago.But we had to kill Jesus. And all the other useful men and women.Because we HAVE to believe lies and want to get upset and rage against foreigners as if they will do the same to us as we wish to do to them first.

  9. And this:(Media-Newswire.com) – More Oklahoma tornado pictures are showing more damage possibly from additional twisters today from areas around Tulsa. Tornado pictures have shown massive devastation earlier this week as up to ten touched down due to storms in the Oklahoma and Kansas areas.Officials are trying to determine if another tornado touched down on Thursday as the area was severely damaged including homes and landscapes.The weather has been particularly rough this week as tornadoes have wiped out many homes and caused millions of dollars in damage. Tornadoes are known to form from clouds to the ground and have a destructive path of several hundred feet across with winds anywhere from 50-150 miles per hour. These twisters usually form quickly and can travel miles in distance putting people and property in harms way.http://media-newswire.com/release_1118985.htmlAll very sad.So why would I want to wallow in this sort of thing?I found it breath taking once. I used to wake up with new insights and be bursting with excitement. Maybe approaching my own time has made me realise how ephemeral everything is.If even the stars go out eventually, though of course there is every reason the believe they won't. But what of that magnificence, if I am dead?And any which way the wind blows.I think the secret is to be nice, to have a nice life and to hope for the best for others ever after.

  10. I forgot to mention this:RECENT ACCIDENTSDate: May 12, 2010 Time: 06:10Location: Tripoli, LybiaOperator: Afrigiyah Airways Flight: 771AC Type: Airbus A330-202Reg: 5A-ONG cn: 1024Aboard: 104 Fatalities: 103 Ground: 0Route: Johannesburg, South Africa – Tripoli, LibiaDetails: The aircraft crashed and disintegrated half a mile from the runway while attempting to land at Tripoli International Airport. Ninety-two passenger and a crew of 11 were killed. An 8 year old boy was the sole survivor.http://www.planecrashinfo.com/

  11. A couple of days back I noticed that there were a couple of Mag 4+ quakes with interesting spaces.but I couldn't be bothered to present them.Here they are:4.9 2010/05/11 22:59. KYRGYZSTAN4.6 2010/05/12 18:56. IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN4.7 2010/05/12 11:48. BIAK REGION, INDONESIA.http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_all.htmlMaybe I should have followed it up? I've had leg cramps and it IS early summer/late spring. So there must have been several serious tornadoes about.There is supposed to be a complete change of spells to wett overcast bringing widespread long lasting rain to Britian with this spell:14th May 2010. (New Moon at) 01:04.http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/phase/phases2001.htmlTypically there is a deep low over northern Europe for most of it. That is several Lows will sweep in from the Atlantic bringing warm wet weather.(Warm being relative, that is.)I haven't looked at any charts. I am wondering if a great quake is due to see off the fairly flaccid set up we've had for so long. Watch out for aircraft falling out the sky. And don't go down any mines if you feel threatened.

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