Grab it while you can

It has been temporarily ressurrected. …

I don't post much on UK.Sci.Weather these days. I found out it is full of climatologists.

However there is a great post there at the moment following a website access problem. The old Faqs page is up.
I can't save it to my computer as I am not using the hard drive. Maybe I can get it on my USB?

Anyway this is the old Faqs:

And ths is the glossary, if you want to know what some of the big words in weather thingumying mean:

If you can store them, save them as web pages. Then your office suite will be able to open the links. Or something like that. Firefox is different from Opera and I don't remember the tips. Internest Eeksporer uses it's own horrible interface that just don't work!

Not cross party at any rate.


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