14th May 2010. 01:04

That's about all I have to say about that. …

14th May 2010. (New Moon at) 01:04.

Wet, very.

But that High pressure over Greenland dominates everything. I have to learn these things anew and I am too old and resisitant to change.

It seems there is a reciprocating High over the Azores to match it. Together they form a block that makes life difficult for severe Lows. They can't generate, thus dissipation of natural forces has to deviate.

Hence natural disasters.

But this is the sort of thing that makes the sun shine. So to call it a disaster is a misnomer. What is happening is that we are dying of ignorance not natural.


5 thoughts on “14th May 2010. 01:04

  1. From a thread I started on UsenetOriginally posted by Google Groups:

    > I don't know how long this stuff has been available but I imagine this> stuff should be revealing:> http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&sl=de&u=http…> A flaccid system on the page opened (14 May 1910.) But not (this time)> with an High over Greenland, the stressed highs here are likely due to> the western reach of the would-be Greenland High.> Or not, as the case may be.> The data is from NCAR and rather pauce on the isobar front but that> would be expected from those days, would it not?> The 1016 median line is a 1015. And it just happens to pass right> through the English Midlands. 1020 millibars over N Scotland and 1010 mb through SW England.> That's a col isn't it?> So, misty weather and perhaps some not very mild> tornadoes over the pond. The dead zone is centred south of Greenland> about mid way between Newfoundland and Scotland.> An interesting picture. I've just tried to search for tornadoes circa> 14 may 1910. It's a bit of a tricky one, that.> Pity.Interesting correlation with 14 May 2010.I wonder what volcanics were in train yn ye goode olde daies.

    http://groups.google.com/group/uk.sci.weather/browse_thread/thread/a52efa4c56ca767c#A word to the wise:WeatherZentrale acts as a repository for much useful international data that would, otherwise be unavailable for Germans who can't, don't or won't look at other language sites.Which is fortunate for me as I can't afford to go to Leeds or Exitdoor (Never mind Canada nor pay 87 dollars Canadian for a search and remit.)In the early days data collection was from a vast store of sites such as schools and colleges now defunct and largely replaced by home stations but I'm not sure they are so widely used.I've no idea how the stuff was rapidly collated from a wide variety of sources. Telegraphy from a few major stations, none of which were airports, I've no doubt.How would they get it from ships at sea? In 1910 radio was still a wet dream.

  2. When the set up in a flaccid cycle in the North Atlantic contains a High/Low/High running west to east, the likely outcome is tornadic.When the set up runs north/south, the situation is more likely to produce volcanic activity.How do I prove it?I don't.It's what I suspect and that is good enough for the likes of me. If anyone can do better, let them.

  3. What a beautiful day. It looked like rain forst thing with the dark clouds gathering by about 9 am.Then it got really nice.For some:From east Europe to New Zealand by way of China and who knows where else, there has been deadly flooding:Originally posted by Google:

    1. Flash floods force over 2000 Hungarians to evacuate ‎ Reuters UK – Gergely Szakacs – Reed Stevenson – 6 hours ago BUDAPEST, May 17 (Reuters) – Over 2000 people were forced from their homes in northern Hungary by Monday as flash floods triggered by heavy weekend rains … Hungary floods‎ – Times of Malta 3 people die in floods in Hungary and southern Serbia caused by …‎ – The Canadian Press 2. Country Music Stars Raise $1.7 Mil for Flood Victims ‎ Extra TV – 14 minutes ago … were just a few of country music's finest who took part in Sunday's telethon that raised more than $1.7 million for victims of the Nashville floods. … Nicole Kidman Raises $1.7 Mil for Nashville Flood Relief‎ – Us Magazine Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, And Others Raise Money …‎ – Socialite Life (blog) Stars Align for Nashville Flood Relief Telethon‎ – The Boot (blog) Health and Beauty News (blog) – E! Online (blog) 3. Floods kill six as rains batter Europe ‎ AFP – 3 hours ago WARSAW — Floods triggered by days of torrential rain swept through Europe on Monday, killing at least six people, forcing the evacuation of thousands more … Four dead, many evacuated as floods sweep central Europe‎ – Reuters Massive floods leave 6 dead in Europe‎ – Press TV Five dead, hundreds evacuated in CEE floods – Summary‎ – Earthtimes (press release) Monsters and Critics.com – News24 4. Nashville floods: 'Music City' keeps on playing ‎ BBC News – 5 hours ago Two weeks ago, the city of Nashville, Tennessee suffered its worst flooding in decades. At least nine people were killed by the waters and $2bn of damage … 5. Logs, silt surround houses after flooding ‎ Stuff.co.nz – Helen Murdoch – 1 hour ago The single mother ran from a flood of water, wood and silt after a creek behind her Tapawera house, about 60 kilometres from Nelson, turned into a wall of … Log avalanche as flood hits‎ – Stuff.co.nz Nelson families return to flood-damaged homes‎ – 3News Flood-hit families evacuated‎ – New Zealand Herald Radio New Zealand 6. Record-Breaking Storm Floods 'Music City' ‎ Voice of America – 21 hours ago This week on our program, we tell about Nashville, Tennessee, and its efforts to recover from severe flooding. SHIRLEY GRIFFITH: The official nickname of … Video: Opry House Stripped to Foundation for Repairs YouTube The Associated Press Flood-ravaged Nashville wants visitors‎ – Hamilton Spectator Opry preserves flood items‎ – Country Standard Time Los Angeles Times (blog) – Health and Beauty News (blog) 7. Heavy Rain Strains Dams, Causes Flooding in Kenya ‎ Voice of America – Michael Onyiego – 47 minutes ago Photo: AP A flood alert has been issued for eastern Kenya, as heavy rain threatens to overflow three large dams along the Tana River. … 89 killed in Kenya floods since March‎ – Capital FM 8. Four die after floods in central Europe ‎ The Guardian – 29 minutes ago At least four people died and thousands were evacuated after heavy rains caused flooding in the Czech Republic's north-east, Hungary and southern Poland … 9. Royal date for library staff in flood-hit Cockermouth ‎ BBC News – 6 hours ago Staff who set up a temporary library in a Cumbrian church when devastating floods struck, have been invited to a Royal tea party at Buckingham Palace. … 10. Exhibition to be held to mark 50th anniversary of Lympstone floods ‎ Exmouth Journal – 7 hours ago AN EXHIBITION about the last great flood in Lympstone which happened 50 years ago, takes place in the Methodist Hall next month. …

  4. An airliner has crashed. No large magnitude quakes though. And judging by the time lapses between quakes above 4M, there doesn't look like one is due.8 hours between one from yesterday (a 4.7 M at 6 pm GMT to another 4.7 at about 2 am today.)Of course if there is a major storm going on, it would produce a major crack when it hits a shoreline. I don't know how that would show up on here: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_all.html

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