Fall out fall out

The problems with long distance travails …

Originally posted by BBC:

Italy has fined Irish low-cost airline Ryanair 3m euros (£2.5m) for failing to help passengers after cancelling their flights during the volcanic ash crisis.

Italy's civil aviation authority said it knew of 178 cases of passengers who did not receive mandatory assistance, such as food, between 17 and 22 April.

Ash from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano triggered a massive shutdown of European airspace last month.

Ryanair was not immediately available for comment.

The ash cloud paralysed many airports and left an estimated eight million tourists and business travellers stranded.

Italy's air agency, Enac, accused Ryanair of failing to provide passengers at Rome's Ciampino airport with drinks, foods and accommodation as required by European law.

Well, who'd have believed it?


One thought on “Fall out fall out

  1. 1/4 of a planet away the same sort of phenomenon is opening the eyes of upper management at BP:Originally posted by Michael Moore/The Guardian:

    Ocean scientists in the Gulf of Mexico have found giant plumes of oil coagulating below the surface that might create "dead zones".Plumes reach 20 miles from the Deepwater Horizon well the largest is 90 metres thick, three miles wide and 10 miles long.Samantha Joyce, marine science professor at the University of Georgia, said: "They've become characteristic of this environment."The huge strings of oil deep underwater has puzzled scientists. The assumption had been that the oil would rise to the surface, but instead it has formed into multiple layers suspended in varying thicknesses deep down in the water.There is speculation that they might be forming as a result of BP's use of dispersants injected close to the source of the spillage at the sea floor.The technique has never before been used, and scientists are now wondering whether the dispersants are causing the oil to coagulate into relatively large clumps which are then heavier than water and remain suspended below the surface.A concern is that the oil will reduce oxygen levels in the water as micro-organisms work to decompose it. In some parts of the Gulf, oxygen levels are already almost one-third below normal. If they should fall below levels needed to support life, dead zones devoid of all marine creatures could be created.The scientists, from the University of Mississippi, have been using a range of gadgets. They include flourometers that spot oil using colour measurements, a remotely operated vehicle that they submerge to describe oil aggregates at up to 75 metres below the surface, and equipment that records oxygen levels. They have set up a long-term acoustic monitoring device on the sea floor that will pick up marine mammal calls to help track the impact on population sizes over time.As scientific knowledge grows about the environmental impact of the oil spill, pressure is mounting on both BP and the Obama administration.The oil giant has been accused of trying to withhold the full scale of the disaster from the public. Some experts who have studied video footage of the oil spewing from the wellhead have estimated the rate of spillage at up to 13m litres a day – some 14 times greater than BP's figure.[1]The US government is also coming under scrutiny for the way it has handled the crisis, and for having had too relaxed an attitude towards offshore drilling before the disaster happened.[2]One environmental group, the Centre for Biological Diversity, has threatened to sue the administration for having bypassed regulations in approving new drilling sites. The centre says that more than 300 drilling operations have been given the go-ahead since Obama took office in January 2009 without obtaining proper permits relating to protection of whales and other marine mammals.

    http://www.michaelmoore.com/words/latest-news/ten-mile-oil-plume-found-beneath-surface-gulf-mexicoConcerning the point the experts made about oil output estimates [1] I have to remark that experts estimated down the output from the Iceland volcano when it concerned VAAC and the money the expert's firms stood to lose.One has to wonder where any of these figures come from. If they can do it, we should be able to do it too. Show us the data ansd let amateurs have a look at the stuff of experts.[2] It's odd that the Obama regime should suddenly come under fire for the routine destruction of the worlds environment. As the Gulf has been suffering depredation since James Stuart made the first film on the effects of Big Oil on ecology.OK it was a few decades late and a fairy story and who cares about a few langoustine shrimps anyway? Besides, they all ended up happy as larry when they discovered oil rigs would help them find the giant fish.I bet they saved a fortune on cooking oil too.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunder_Bay_%28film%29

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