One of the best sites for the weather nut. …

I have just joined the forum at WetterZentrale. It is a German site and no latitude for us English speakers, despite the fact we won. However, Google Translate will follow the links of any website you have it translate and turn them into your language of choice.

So you can navigate the site in any language, more or less. Thus I am able to post there and to read the stuff posted.
Here's my first effort:

The thing about translations is that if you keep the sentences short and watch the structure -drop any euphemisms and that sort of stuff, the bot will bbe able to cope without too much fuss.

I can keep the sentences short, childlike in their absence of adverbs and flowery flow. Which will mean that I will relearn how to explain stuff in a way that complete newbies can understand.

Or not, as the case may be.
It isn't that hard. I am constantly surprised when fools accuse me of not explaining myself clearly:


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