I got an odd IM the other day. Stupidly I went to the trouble of enquiring WTH it was about. Not that I cared much but this is what then happened. …

Recieved:2010-05-17 04:46
Title: Parentaly approved intervention

Could you nudge somebody over there to gut "The Posiedon" and give it legs to a Carribean vacation?
Maybe Clint Eastwood has what it takes to help.


So, as one does, I asked:

Have you any idea what affect getting these unfathomable posts from you have on people?

You obviously have something on your mind, might have been thinking about it for a while. But I have no idea what you are talking about. Gut the Poseidon? Is this something to do with BP after they employed some US experts and caused a huge ball of wax?

But what would the folk in the Caribbian Sea have to say about that? And what would Clint Eastwood have to do with it?

Or is it about the monster debt one of the once richest states in the US is suffering? How can the state that produces the world's films, porn, computing hoses two of its largest cities, produces an enormous amount of wine and oil and yet is mostly agrarian, be broke?

But what has the Carrib have to do with California?

Or are we talking about the not abnormal behaviour of a volcano. Doing what volcanoes do is only a problem is a lot of airlines do what they do in the regions of an active volcano. Whilst it is a big problem, the removal of jets from the sky is only hitting holiday makers and luxury goods suppliers, the absence of which can only improve the planet.

Ditto jet airliners.

But what has any of all of the above to do with your title?


To which the OP responded:
I read in your profile where you said you had to M. THAT sounds dirty to me.
{I ran out of text allowance in the part of the profile this refers to though that doesn't explain his abstruseness. OK perhaps he wasn't able to clip all of the quote from my profile. But even so…}

In my poor deluded mind I've confused the Gulf of Mexico with the Caribbian. News says it just may be so.

As for how my posts effect people; I don't believe I receive that many hits for any great effect. Who are you, Little Red Riding Hood?

From what I've been seeing and reading BP has been operating in a manner that caused the catastrophe. Who is to blame was not my point. I feel that having a containment device for such a catastrophe should be standard. The cost is negligible compaired to the immeasurable cost that has been incurred.

To tell you the truth; in my mind, I hope that it's all an attempt to disperse a micro organism. Maybe even a successful GMO. I remember a particular stretch of the Jersey Turnpike that could have used airborne also.

From the bottom of my base heart to any distant planet far, far away this slate ain't gonna get erased that easy.


Stupidly I pointed out that it was still difficult to follow his line of thought:
Your posts are still wide of the mark for any normal conversation. I gather you are talking about the oil spill. And what exactly did you want me to do about it?

Shouldn't this stuff be on one of the threads in my blog?

IMs are usually for personal stuff.


Which elicited this:
You have got to be kidding! Your blend of chicken and bovine (steer maybe) shot is truly pathetic.

Is that personal enough?

My posts aren't off you are. You are too cowardly deceitful to admit it. I don't care what your credentials maybe or what button you have a finger on or anything else. I'm not as desperately attached to a conceptual notion of what the end (or the continuation) has to be. That defeats every notion of an effort you pursue.


So I gave up:
Why do you keep posting to me?


I don't like to be insulted. But if you must, then don't do it secretly. I'll post them from the mountaintops.


3 thoughts on “Wierdos

  1. It seems I was a victim of British management:

    I hadn't frustrated myself with the BP website yet and you're the only British subject I know. I've got a real problem with that major ****** down there. I keep deluding myself into believing I can get a straight answer out of you. I also like to get the last laugh.Would you let a dolphin sleep on the bed? What if you had direct orders from the Queen?I finally got my project done! :yes:Now, on to calm pileings!

    *******My reply:Would you let a dolphin sleep on the bed? What if you had direct orders from the Queen?What the hell are you on?Ask me a straight question. Ones that starts with direct questions not an impossible to decode allusion.Then go on to elabourate not insult.Details are required.A computer is not capable of telling me what you are saying, only showing me what you have written.And I am not a magician.Nobody in Britain knows any more than you do what is going on.I suspect that BP has done the same as the explorers in Indonesia did some years ago. They dug a well on the cheap not leaving the steel in place. Normally wells have a steel jacket in the ground all the way to the level they hope to find oil at.Look up mud volcano for the facts:Originally posted by Wired:

    “The disaster was caused by pulling the drill string and drill bit out of the hole while the hole was unstable,” said Richard Davies, director of the Durham Energy Institute and co-author of a new paper in the journal Marine and Petroleum Geology, in a press release. “This triggered a very large ‘kick’ in the well, where there is a large influx of water and gas from surrounding rock formations that could not be controlled.”

    http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2010/02/mudvolcano/Or it may just be that the influx from deep water pressure into the well has erupted the slick. The deep plumes seem to be caused by pressure too. Only my opinion but the way hydrocarbons behave in cold deep water is to form clathrates.The molecules attach to water the way soap ataches to grease. It's almost a different chemical but is in actual fact just a mixture. They can be quite stable and there is a vast amount of microbial life forms that can eat it. But they belong in their own environment where this sort of leak has been occurring for hundreds of years.Giant mussels and tube worms don't grow overnight, after all, do they?As for being upset by these things, a very wise oriental once said Originally posted by Jesus:

    these things must take place

    He didn't explain further but it is all standing percieved wisdom on its head and duffing it up, big time.+++++++Furthermore:BP is an international company, it doesn't drill for oil here just massages the money. Britain is hand in glove with Bush type investment bankers. Today's government was decided by "The City" not the electorate.Upper managemnet tell lies in the style of the Bush Co. They always have hence the reputation of the British for striking all the time. The reality is that Management engineer strikes to get around working practices.When the market is in slump, factory owners must keep on their staff and can't sack employees at will as was common practice long after WW 2.Such practice is only coomon sense but then so is keeping on your staff until you go broke. Is it?Or wouldn't it be better to charge for services rendered in the good times in order to cover the bad?But not when you can by cheaper in China…It's all a complex fluid flow problem and that's my only interest in politics. I can't abide liars.Pity I am one myself.BA is an interesting case. They managed to find a judge to halt a planned strike over about 12 spoiled ballots in a vote from many hundreds of union members.It is about the right to strike.Meranwhile the goal posts for volcanic ash safety measures have been moved so far apart they are not in the airport -never mind the playing field anymore.And when the next crash occurs it will be over ash in the engine and then the management with wringing hands will say it wasn't them.That's all I have to say about that.Chocolate; anyone?Time to get ready to go to work.Byeee!

  2. I wonder why Iran rejects the USA's demands to let them tell them how to run their country.Maybe they, like me, think:"Bloody cheeky ********.Clean up your own back yard. And leave me alone."

  3. Ha!Someone from the outback of the USA has taken me to task over the behaviour of a company that has been seriously out of anyone's control for decades. And it turns out that even the owners of the company can't control it.But it gets better:The people who should have oversight of oil rigs and big industry, do not, in the Untidy State of America have anything to do with inspecting deep sea oil rigs.MORONS!

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