Bricks in the wall

Confusing the issue; corrupting the opposition …

When in a game of soccer a player is fouled, the victim gets a free shot at the goal. If it isn't a "penalty" the free kick has to be indirect, other players can get in the way.

The other team sets up a wall of players to block the view and to try and "save" the ball. But the other team can put a man in the wall too. His tactic is to allow the ball to go through if the player kicks it at him. Or he is on hand to tackle anyone who saves the ball.

Basically he is there as a corruptor.

So it was with the police and the coal miners in Britain under Margaret Thatcher. A peaceful protest at the closure of coal mines could be turned into a violent confrontation by the police or by agents of the government.

They would pose as miners and cause violent confrontation. The police would then charge the picket and drag off strike leaders. And the carefully appointed BBC reporters wouldn't know they were acting as foils. Or would they?

The ringleaders of the protest in Thailand have handed themselves over to authorities that are willing to shoot civilians as though they were enemy invaders. Thay have placed themselvers in the hands of a butcherin order to stop the riots.

The peaceful protest was subverted by members of the protestors firing guns at the police.

How many police died in Thailand?

None, I'll bet.
None that were willing to do what their dictator told them to, that is. One or two with a conscience may have been removed, I have no doubt.

The situation is not that dissimilar to Serbian aggression in Bosnia. Except the politics remains a chain of command civil organisation, rather than a civil war.

It will take years to sort out. It may await the death of the dictator as is the case with Mugabe in Zimbabwe. But it will happen.

Because all politics is about change. But some politics is about crime instead of stability.


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