Moron Climate Change.

As BP sinks slowly in the west…

"Have you filled the hole yet daddy?" …

Originally posted by BBC:

… the blogosphere does not respect past reputations, only current performance. And some of the top performers in the blogosphere are critics of the establishment.

Steve McIntyre, for instance, is a mining engineer who started examining climate statistics as a hobby. He has taken on the scientific establishment on some key issues and won.

He arguably knows more about CRU science than anyone outside the unit – but none of the CRU inquiries has contacted him for input.

I have been told by the review teams that they can read McIntyre's blog if they want to learn about his views. But they can't have read all his blog entries surely? And they would have saved a lot of time and effort if they had asked him to summarise his scientific scrutiny on a couple of sheets of A4.

Though the deep oil well leak in the Gulf of Nauisiousana is beyond me and the directors of the board of BP, the US Navy and the Greedy Oil Piraty etc: Where is George Bush when you don't need someone to blame?

In a disappearing drunk tank somewhere or other again no doubt. No records on him.

So what can be done?
Well, in a less civilised country any oil leak worth mentioning would never be reported. You'd just bribe some government ministers and kill a few hundred middle class locals.

Why do I get the opinion I am not being funny?

Could it be that the establishment, whoever they are, NEVER release stories of oil leaks if they don't occur in Western Europe or North America?

Instead we are stuck with the minimalism of the CRU. A bunch of freaks inahbiting a little known universe in the back end of the south of east England. Or is it the Midlands?

Who cares?

They have complete control over what influences political decisions about the way industry should be policed. Something like asking Unitied Fruit to pay taxes in Nicaragua instead of committing genocide there.

(Too late now I know and the tax would have been cheaper.)

Put not your trust in earthling man nor in the strength of princes. They are a bunch of pleasers.

Originally posted by BBC:

And if the great science academies can't find ways of including the best experts from the blogosphere in their deliberations they may find themselves badly left behind.

There will be some who welcome a demolition of the bastions of authority. But for governments and many citizens, the world will be much poorer if they do not know who they can trust.

I welcome the demolition of the bastions. If the bastions seek to limit input to what can be controlled by them alone, then they show themselves to be stupid bastions and deserve nothing better. Fully deserving a right kicking in their left behinds.

One thought on “Moron Climate Change.

  1. The problem with a service that becomes iconic to a fault is that it can not take a step backwards. It doesn't matter what the carbon dioxide does in the atmosphere the CRU can never ever admit it was wrong.Which means that even if the the carbon dioxide turns out to be the worst invention since Tabun, nobody is going to beliweve the bastions.So they have to say what they need to and are damned if they say anything. Their situation is only tenable IF THEY DO A CLIMB DOWN.And that will be the end of them.Forutnately, they can get away with the dinginess of their position. All they have to do is shut up, keep calm and wait it all out.Which means thay can't make waves for the present unelected regime in Britain. Which means they are no bloody use to man or beast.Which is slightly more useful than they have been in the recent past.

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