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Originally posted by William Hague:

This is a country that wants to play a strong role in the Middle East peace process…

William Hague is a senior British Conservative Party politician. He served as the leader of the opposition government and is now the Foreign Secretary.

So no chance of any help for the poor sods in need of active support against the US or anywhere else for that matter. Certainly not for the Palastinians.

Originally posted by Haaretz.com:

A London court last year issued a warrant for the arrest of opposition leader Tzipi Livni over her role in Israel's war in Gaza, launched at the end of 2008 when Livni was the foreign minister.

Livni reportedly cancelled a trip to the U.K. in December for fear of being arrested after the warrant was filed against her following an application by Palestinian activists.

If in doubt, keep them out. If you're fools change the rules.

Britain vows to change policy allowing U.K. to arrest Israeli politicians
British Foreign Secretary William Hague says it is unacceptable for Israeli politicians to feel like they can't visit for fear of being arrested.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Thursday that the new U.K. government is already looking into the issue of universal jurisdiction, describing the current situation as "unsatisfactory" and "indefensible".

Judges in Britain can issue arrest warrants for war crimes suspects around the world under the Geneva Convention Act 1957, without any requirement to consult public prosecutors.



2 thoughts on “Quote of quotes

  1. Bonk the toffee man:Originally posted by Any which way the wind blows:

    Foreign Secretary William Hague has said he "deplores the loss of life" caused when the Israeli navy intercepted a flotilla of aid. More than 10 people were reportedly killed after commandos stormed a ship destined for the Gaza Strip. Israel says its soldiers were shot at and attacked; activists say Israeli troops came on board shooting. Mr Hague called for limits on aid for Gaza to be lifted and said access to any Britons involved was being sought. The exact number of UK nationals on board the vessel is not yet known, but reports are coming in to the BBC that at least five Britons may be on the ship. Meanwhile, hundreds of protesters have gathered near Downing Street in London to condemn the violence. Another protest is expected to be staged later in Bristol city centre.

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/10197770.stmWhat we really need is to invite a few Israelis over under any old scam purporting freedom to third world genocidal maniacs.Then a politiican in this country with gumption (such a thing never was) should grab em by the neck.But soft, what light through Yorkshire ear drums breaks? And what fool would want them here in the first place?William Hague?WTF for?

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