They rule the world and you know absolutely nothing about them.
Do you?

Fool! …

I have just been looking up the word demons on Google.

What a lost cause.

Try a phrase to limit the search such as dealing with demons or inner demons or even demon possession.
We had a man kill several of his aquaintances over here in Britain a few days ago. It's a fairly regular thing. No more regular than in the USA, I suppose.
And no more irregular than there either.

I suppose that given population ratios and stresses across society in general, the problem is equally common all over the world.
Obviously the problem isn't gun control so much as self control.
And keeping out the demons.

I suppose the situation could be worse. We could be one of the countries Britain and the USA decided to invade for god knows what reason. (And have still not told us. Or found out themselves.)

They have groups of people driving around in convoys killing more than the usual 10 or 12 innocents that tend to get hurt when individuals run amok. And no more than a superficial police force who are more likely to side with the killers than protect the women and children, the men and boys of about 10 and over, all being Talibanii.

And the worst thing is that this is all due to demon possession and there is only me that knows it.

Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
Maybe a lot of knowledge would tend towards a lot of innocent citizens lynching a load of politicians.
But it's a chance I'd love to take. Or seen taken; earthwide.

I stopped being upset at the news of the deaths of soldiers occupying Iraq and Afghanistan some time ago. I sat down with my own personal demons and analysed my part in it.

Not entirely innocent.
When the call comes for an open season on world leaders, baggie me a Toady Bloody Liar. Can you believe I believed that bastard.

****** fool. I meant.


2 thoughts on “Demons

  1. Originally posted by BBC News:

    Convictions over a gas plant leak that killed thousands of people in 1984 in the Indian city of Bhopal have been heavily criticised by campaigners. Amnesty International described the two-year sentences for eight people as "too little, too late". The convictions are the first since the disaster at the Union Carbide plant – the world's worst industrial accident. The eight Indians, all former plant employees, were convicted of "death by negligence". One was convicted posthumously. The others are expected to appeal. Nityanand Jayaraman, of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal campaign group, told the BBC the punishment imposed on Union Carbide was wholly inadequate. after the event IIRC, the chairman of the board of Union Carbide (the US firm responsible for a disaster that put's everything BP never did well, in sub zero utter outer darkness) was asked to give advice about the environment to some grand committee or one of those stupid idiomatic things they have to mess with our heads.What is stridently, stentoriously obvious is that a company that moves its most dangerous activities to a far flung region, where the laws are lax, the officials all bent to a fault, and the wages s low as to be ludicrous, doesn't need to skimp on safety measures but does so ONLY FOR ONE REASON.It's demonic governance.We've all had "senior moments" but running a company like that beggars belief doesn't it? When you hear of people dying in dance halls because a fire broke out and all the doors were locked you think…What do you think?Idiots? Silly that a company would do that? Someone wasn't thinking for a few moments then forgot?Why was the Titanic supplied with half the lifeboats they might need? What was everyone nvolved not thinking when that part of the contract was written?There was no need for that nuclear disaster in Russia that same decade as Bhopal was there? Was there a reason for the US Civil War? Or the First World War?Why did Britain and the USA invade Afghanistan a few years ago?What about Iraq? Does anything that has happened in that country over the last 50 or so years made any sense?How about the way the money all went down the plug-hole? Why are the people who did it still running the banks? Is it because there is no one else competent to run them? So they choose to let the proven incompetents carry on?Does anything in the news make sense these days?We have a mass communications theatre these days.The Internet.It was born out of the need for a secure military intelligence transfer mechanism in case of another world war.It was taken over by people who wanted scientists to talk to one another so that they could co-operate more easily.And finally it was driven to the mass markets by…pornography.It's just as hard to believe any of the above as it is to believe the whole shebang is demoniac.The only good thing in that last bit was the science angle. Except we forget that the best scientists are medical scientists, the original Doctors.And that they have a license to kill.They regularly murder unborn babies for one example.I'm not saying they shouldn't.What is right and wrong is up to god and other men to debate. And the rights and wrongs of abortion are either self evident or religiously/ culturally decided for you.The point I am making is that if the doctors didn't do it, who would? So that's why they do it.Is that an example of demonic organisation or what.Apart from that I have a low opinion of science. My experience with the divots and clods in meteorology sometimes astounds me still.And yet there are fine things among all of this. Many, many people god has seen as fit to live. He must see us as fit to live.We'in't ded.

  2. Journalists don't ask questions.It is the reason the world is in the state it is in. We, the readers and not the writers of news and history, believe that journalism involves asking questions. The trickier the better.But with maturity and as one's clock runs down, one gives out one's patience with fools.And pay the penalty.Such is the case of a certain old lady in Washington: Originally posted by The Washington Post:

    But when she declared George W. Bush the "worst president ever" in 2003, she shed any pretense of fair-mindedness. As time went on, her questions turned into speeches, as in this 2007 challenge to Bush over Iraq:"Mr. President, you started this war. It's a war of your choosing. You can end it, alone. Today. At this point bring in peacekeepers, U.N. peacekeepers. Two million Iraqis have fled the country as refugees. Two million more are displaced. Thousands and thousands are dead. Don't you understand? We brought the al-Qaeda into Iraq."One might agree or disagree with those sentiments, but she was performing as an activist, not a journalist. a right wing journal, the Washington post used to be a left wing journal. It seems to be cleaning house and getting rid of anyone who maintains the Israelis are a bunch of genocidal maniacs:

    much of the country, which still viewed her as the groundbreaking correspondent she once was, not the cranky columnist she had become.So when Aunt Helen snapped that Israelis should "get the hell out of Palestine" — and go back to Germany, among other places" — many onlookers were stunned.

    Yes, right. Journalists "were stunned". Had someone slipped alcohol in their alcohol?It took a negro rapper to break the circle of silence that surrounded the machinations of that crooked clown George Bush.Originally posted by Wikipedia:

    Once it was West's turn to speak again, he said "George Bush doesn't care about black people." At this point, telethon producer Rick Kaplan cut off the microphone and then cut away to Chris Tucker, who was unaware of the cut for a few seconds.

    In response what does the Bush PR overdrive do?Ask two laid back, Neo Bush Co white men:

    The only clip I can find with GB sitting in it saying anything. And nothing. Is that not demonic?An evil rictus on his face says it all.

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