Other people’s browsers

OK you found Opera. So maybe you already know of Firefox.

Well done. …

Here are a few "other browsers"

This isn't a separate browser but a way of rendering web pages in Internet Explorer. It is ideal for the poor sighted and for people who just wish to read a stripped down text page free of ads and graphics.

You might liken it to Lynx: http://www.lynxbrowser.com/

Then there is the Firefoxalike baby K-Meleon:

There are many browsers that you can try. If you can access stuff in Linux of course there are just too many. Honestly, choice is a big problem, unless you just go for the default that comes with your OS: http://sourceforge.net/search/?type_of_search=soft&words=browsers

One thought on “Other people’s browsers

  1. Sourceforge is a GNU, UNIX and Linux free sortware distribution centre. There are other browsers such as this one: http://my.opera.com/chooseopera/blog/ that will never appear on there.These too will proably be free but they are not open source. The owners f the browsers are always going to keep the code for themselves.Thus Sourceforge and Linux OSs can or will not offer them.

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