The Scottish are Britain’s Americans

Och aye ye Mars' fried, the noo. …

Originally posted by BBC:

"Considering five major risk factors to health – cigarette smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, poor diet, physical inactivity, and overweight – nearly the whole adult population (97.5%) have at least one behavioural risk factor."

The study was led by Dr David Conway, who said: "Our analysis shows that around two-thirds of the Scottish population is overweight or obese, a similar proportion are not sufficiently physically active, and most people have a poor diet. It is just that it is not the same majority for each factor.

"The most important determinants for multiple risk factors were low educational attainment and residence in our most deprived communities."

He added that the true picture may be even worse due to respondents putting a positive spin on their behaviour.


10 thoughts on “The Scottish are Britain’s Americans

  1. Being a McNeil, I must admit that on days I am nortt working I am to be found on the computer in the kitchen or stuffing my face.I'm a bit like Linux on weekends. Not user friendly.

  2. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    Not user friendly

    😆 Kinda like I've been the last month of not smoking. Crabby is it?

  3. I've always loved food. Some neuro short circuit in my belly. Yet I am not exceptionally large for my height.It is a waste of life to spend it enjoying too much of one thing though.I can't understand any other addictions such as the "filthy habit". And why people have to rob and lie for a fix and even enter a life of prostitution for their "habits" is totally beyond me.There was a time I'd have shot the lot. I have mellowed with age. But for the life of me I can't think of many more worthless types.

  4. i vote for food. one of life's few real pleasures. i love to eat. but i do watch my diet. i had no idea the scots were getting so fat. i always picture them as kind of lean and mean.

  5. i don't know.well, some types, drinking releases inhibition. so if you are a violent nature, then naturally, there's a connection. the aberration in the brain is probably just the alcoholic gene we hear about.

  6. Originally posted by I_ArtMan:

    I always picture them as kind of lean and mean.

    Quite so, they are the architypical Southron Rednecks. Apparently they are an ascetic, short fused, frenetic -due to a genetic aberration in the brain. So it reads in one account of the feud between the McCoys and the Hatfields.I am not a great believer in psychiatry and the art was infant in those days so I can't say how much truth there is in that.But a nation given to drinking hard liquor has to have a special mind set, genetic or chemically modified. Originally posted by Wilipedia:

    Medical researchers have discovered that many McCoys suffer from the autosomal dominant Von Hippel-Lindau disease, with approximately 75% of them having tumors on their adrenal glands.This has led to speculation that symptoms of this disease caused some of the violent tendencies manifested by McCoys during the feud.'t the economist Adams a Scottish export? Or did he just get as far as the slave colonies in the Caribbian?

  7. I've never seen a fat alcoholic. But then I have seen plenty of fat ex alcoholics. If they can be ex.The Scots are upset with the stereotyping. Rather typical for a nation so anti English. Or is that sterotyping?The problem with Britain generally is a malaise with cooking. Originally we had the market for fine cuisine, that was a given considering most middle class people were ex expatriates who had had servants all over the world giving them their choice of almost every nation's finest chefs.And the Scots were about as far flung as any except the Irish. The problem stemmed from the war, two world wars and the need to work silly hours to maintain body and soul.We never got off that tread-mill, it seems. And for some as families break apart the culture of a three course meal two or three times a day, with the family sitting together dining, has just disappeared.We all just go for the quick fix, which these days of industrial food production means high fat,cereal and water; low trace elements and vitamin, processed food.And we live sedentary lives which allows us to concentrate on our bellies without helping us to trim them.I think that it is a world wide problem wherever the modern world has festered on us.OTOH in such countries few go hungry.

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