Chinese magic

From the hong konhg bank @Yahoo dot con. …

Where do these czjd for brains get their manure from:

Originally posted by some half baked fool:

I am Mr.cheung eric, Director,HS Bank HongKong,contact me for a proposal of$15.5m USD via

Here is another one:

Originally posted by So stupid he makes me sick:

We encountered a problem with our database and a lot of records were lost,

If all his records were lost how did he know about me? I am so famous he couldn't forget?
So why does he make me ill?

A tip for newbies. Look at the post before you reply to it. In hard copy official stuff just looks hallmarked. But even good forgeries have a duff feel about them some je nais se quoi that might just be an alarm bell ringing softly in the distance.

Have a think about why you would want to ignore that.


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