25th June 2010. 11:30

That's just fine by me….
Except… …

How do you get the spell check to work on this thing? I had it working on a Linux distro I managed to find out how to download Opera to. Or was it Firefox.

Ah that's it…
My memory isn't what it never really was but I would have liked it to be.
Speaking of which:

There have been plenty of phases in the past that have occurred at around half past eleven (and as far as the permutations go; five thirty.)

But I can't remember anything about them.
11:00 and the rest of them, are fine spells when the pressure over Greenland is anticyclonic. The present spell:
…. has a vaguely anticyclonic set up there, mostly – it rained here yesterday morning (Thurdsay 24th June) and, IMO, Celia hit shallows on the 120th longitude.

It was doing 100 knots; I don't know what happened yesterday but now it up to 130 kt – a phenomenal speed for winds at sea level. (The molecules in the dynamics would under contemporary understanding, have to push and exponentially large amount of atmosphere out of the way to get up to that speed. And that dichotomy/paradox is impossible.)

Prepostal edit:
I just found out what happened yesterday:

Actual measurements

Date Time Lat Lon Wind (knots)
2010-06-19 09:00 12.4N 98.0W 040
2010-06-19 12:30 12.8N 97.0W 030
2010-06-19 15:00 12.5N 97.1W 035
2010-06-20 09:00 11.6N 100.3W 065
2010-06-20 15:00 11.6N 100.9W 070
2010-06-21 09:00 11.6N 103.3W 080
2010-06-21 15:00 11.7N 103.9W 090
2010-06-22 09:00 11.8N 106.3W 085
2010-06-22 15:00 11.9N 107.3W 080
2010-06-23 09:00 12.3N 110.4W 100
2010-06-23 15:00 12.4N 111.5W 090
2010-06-24 09:00 12.8N 114.7W 115
2010-06-24 15:00 13.1N 115.9W 140
2010-06-25 09:00 14.2N 119.0W 115
2010-06-25 15:00 13.8N 118.1W 130

2010-06-26 00:00 14.5N 119.5W 115
2010-06-26 12:00 15.3N 121.2W 095
2010-06-27 00:00 15.9N 122.6W 070
2010-06-27 12:00 16.2N 123.7W 055
2010-06-28 12:00 16.5N 125.0W 035
2010-06-29 12:00 16.5N 126.0W 030
2010-06-30 12:00 16.5N 127.0W 025


The browser is a crap medium for posting charts but a copy nd paste to a text file of some sort should clarity matters.

Or you could just go to the site and see for yourself. I had to copy the damned thing for fear of losing the mutt. But I digress into my own dichotomies….

When a cyclone hits shallows it diverges to some extent, the extent mirroring the equal but opposite divergence underground:

And we got rain in the middle of a drought.

It doesn't take the Brain Of Britain to draw the obvious conlusion. (Marshalled by nit-wits in the CRU and MetO of course even the Brain of Britain would get stymied were it not for the fact I can see right through the ********.)

It's going to be a long run:

18 Jun 04:29
26 Jun 11:30
4 Jul 14:35
11 Jul 19:40
18 Jul 10:10
26 Jul 01:36
3 Aug 04:59
10 Aug 03:08

11 and 26 July should be wet spells. (For my region; YMWV.) however they are at times that just on the cusp of …
ah the hell with it, the spell for the 26th is a shocker with flooding washing more people into the sea.

Unless the damned North Atlantic Oscillation doesn't get itself sorted. And quite frankly, I haven't got a clue.
But if they do all run through, the saving grace for Britain will be a mother of a thunderstorm spell (not exactly Floridan standards but for Britain, fun) on the 10th August.

But one more day in the life of the spell from the 1th June has yet to run. And I am waiting for that magic Mag 7+ earthquake. (Which should stymie the forecasts aboute Darby and Celia.)

Here is my alpoogy to those having fidiclutfy flowling ymessays:


One thought on “25th June 2010. 11:30

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