Harmed undangerous. …

The canadian secretive police have arrested a blogger for taking a walk in broad daylight and using a camera.

The weapon of destruction was used to phtograph the iron curtain security are erecting to keep citizens and voters out. Or politicians in.

One can never be too careful or sure.
Not with people who build fences:

A more sensible discussion can be found here:


One thought on “Torontogate

  1. I wonder what the G20 2010 Summit is about.It seems to be a fashion show for some of the planet's most useless people (if you count people who are Worse Than Useless as more useless that celebrities and film stars.)Outside seems to be a forum for vandals, miscreants and uniformed bullies. A fine place to meet in my opinion!Aren't there enough desolate areas just outside large city centres where police and protestors could come together and strike an agreement?As for the dross inside; if you removed the police and the protestors, armed the local residents with thin sticks and granted them free access to the participants, I am sure an amenable conclusion would soon be wrought.And more suitable venues chosen for future fart-parties.

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