Opera Spam

Have you been invaded yet? …

I have had an unwarranted pop-up come from Opera twice this weekend. It is advertising the latest version: 10.54.

It is a box you can't get rid of and make it not come back. It has a filled radio button that permits Opera to send all future updates to my computer and permit it to install without telling me. Have you ever heard anything more stupid?

Well, if you are using XP you probably have. But really, taking someone else's dump? Without a sniff of it first?

The other choices for you are the close button on the top right. That will just get rid of it without a thick ear. Below are:
A tab that will Download and Install if you click it. Not Download and have a look or just plain download but D/l&Install.

There is a "Remind me later" tab. Not "Go away and leave me alone" tab, but a "come back and vist when you want" one.

And finally: Help.

Maybe I need help to tell it to go away. What are the chances I'll find that in there?


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