Trying to catch the wind

It's a scriptural principle that it can't be caught.
And we know that it is even more impossible to catch an earthquake.

Here's why: …

Originally posted by Google News:

Tropical Storm Alex makes landfall in Belize
Reuters India – Gerardo Garcia, Jose Cortazar – ‎9 minutes ago‎<<<<
Palm trees move in the wind as a man walks on the shore in Chetumal
June 26, 2010. By Gerardo Garcia CHETUMAL Mexico (Reuters) – Tropical
Storm Alex made landfall in Belize Saturday night, dumping showers on
northern Guatemala and the Yucatan Peninsula …
Tropical Storm Alex soaks Belize, Mexico's Yucatan The Associated
Tropical storm threatens BP oil slick clean-up
BusinessWeek – Los Angeles Times – Press Herald – AFP
all 3,323 news articles


If you allow 2 hours for the NEIC to look at the data from that and
compare significant earthquakes fror the time coincidents, you get a
picture of the convergence/divergence thing.

Current data:
Current Storms:

Originally posted by University of Hawaii:

Type Name Date Time Lat Lon Wind Tracking
—- —– ———- ——– —– —— ——-
STO ALEX 2010-06-26 15:00 UT 17.7N 088.4W 050 kts ALEX
Atlantic NE Pacific
STO CELIA 2010-06-26 15:00 UT 15.8N 122.7W 055 kts CELIA NE
STO DARBY 2010-06-26 15:00 UT 13.5N 103.0W 060 kts DARBY
Atlantic NE Pacific

At 2010-06-26 15:00 UT, ALEX was 117 nmi NNW of Puerto Cortes,
Honduras and 178 nmi SE of Campeche, Mexico
At 2010-06-26 15:00 UT, CELIA was 839 nmi WSW of Cabo San Lucas,
Mexico and 1021 nmi WSW of Mazatlan, Mexico
At 2010-06-26 15:00 UT, DARBY was 267 nmi SW of Acapulco, Mexico and
449 nmi SSE of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Originally posted by NEIC:

Update time = Sun Jun 27 4:24:10 UTC 2010

4.3 03:52 54.0 -164.5 UNIMAK ISLAND REGION, ALASKA
4.6 03:12 -38.1 -75.2 OFF THE COAST OF ARAUCANIA, CHILE
3.0 00:50 32.4 -115.6 BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO
3.3 00:18 32.6 -115.9 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA


2 thoughts on “Trying to catch the wind

  1. Deeper than it seems.A deep low over the UK formed in 24 hours around 1 Nov 2009:Explosively deepening low, 1 Nov 2009, an analysisWarning, .pdf So I looked up significant quakes on the US database: Originally posted by NEIC:

    Magnitude 6.5 OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE November 13, 2009 Magnitude 7.3 FIJI November 09, 2009 Magnitude 6.6 SUMBAWA REGION, INDONESIA November 08, 2009 Magnitude 6.8 RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN October 30, 2009

    Which is to say: Not! I wondered what happened instead. Was it a well forecast event -or rather, was the general trend expected?If so, no significant earthquake. But surely something coincided? What storms occurred in the tropics: Originally posted by Wikinews:

    Tropical Storm Mirinae kills 90 in Vietnam Wednesday, November 4, 2009 Vietnam Other stories from Vietnam 27 December 2009: Vietnam record drug seizure suspects convicted 21 November 2009: Vietnam denies blocking social networking site Facebook 4 November 2009: Tropical Storm Mirinae kills 90 in Vietnam 1 October 2009: Typhoon Ketsana reaches Cambodia; up to eleven people killed 30 September 2009: At least 22 dead after typhoon hits Vietnam …More articles here Location of Vietnam To write, edit, start or view other articles on Vietnam, see the Vietnam Portal Vietnamese media reported on Wednesday that at least 90 people have been killed after Tropical Storm Mirinae passed through the country. Another 22 people were reported to be missing. According to Vietnam News, the storm completely destroyed 154 houses, damaged 2,500 others, and flooded 1,800 hectares of farmland. Some dikes in the Phu Yen province were overloaded with water, further exacerbating the damage. Around 2,000 soldiers were dispatched to assist with rescue efforts, and local authorities had asked for food aid from the government. The Vietnamese disaster committee said that "it's the most devastating flooding in more than 30 years in Phu Yen." Two people were also killed by Mirinae in neigbouring Cambodia, and a further 27 in the Philippines.'s hope they didn't die in vain.

  2. I've just added the new things learned tag. I wonder where that went?It isn't really a new thing learned so much as a thing recently remembered.The conversion of a storm to an earthquake can be subverted to a more severe storm elsewhere. It's akin to an electrical circuit blowing a fuse.With ehe planet in general we have an "heat budget" the sun gives off more or less the same amount of heat, day in day out.Although this is a step in the process called Celestial Mechanics its effect is more or less the reaction to which our weather is a reaction.But there are steps in between oneof which is the atrometrical behaviour of the moon. Newton coined a phrase about offering no hypothesis. I think it wise advice, as error in early guesswork can be heartbreaking as you learn to make chnges in your bliefs.However you have to have some idea from which to branch.Here's mine.Just as the moon's arcs define our weather so do the arcs of the planets define the solar output. (The heat output is far too regular to be caused by inner turmoil that might be generated from a nuclear implosion.)The orbits and aberrations of the planets are so regular they can be forecast to small errors over many decades. It is a strange coincidense that all the large planets have smaller planets attached which make tiny corrections that hold the system in such finite positions.Too uncanny for accidental occurrence, IMNVHO.Time for work. More later.

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