Over and out

no doubt. …

I'll probably bee offline shortly as I move house and deal with my ISP who have never lived up to their contract with me. I was mis-sold the service. I had bee lead to believe that I was going to get online with them for a total outlay of 7 to 8 quid per month for 3 months then some 15 to 16 quid thereafter tied into a criminal 18 month contract because I was going to be using thei sevice.

I mean they are my ISP by definition that IS the service.
And because I was given a "free" wireless router which I was never told about and did not have the choice of refusing and don't need. In fact I seem to be the victim of drive by downloaders.

Something this free offer left me open to -which I would never have suffered if left to my own paid for, cable only, router collection.

Anyway i stopped their direct debit from my bank account. Stuff them. Why did I ever get involved with them after the fiasco I had from the first time years ago when I first tried to get online.

They haven't changed one iota. Still the same barely discernible offshore phone droid. Still the same overweaning Windows requirement. And I had to get this 8 GB crapware up and running to do it. After buying a brand new version of th malware and finfing that was inadequate with them.

If you want to lose money, fit out a ship or a woman or get online with BTinternet dot con.


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