New Blog set-up

I can't access my personal messages and writing these blog posts is difficult. I have to click the title or the post text rather than hit the box I want to write into.

How long has this improvement been out?

At least I can access the blog.


One thought on “New Blog set-up

  1. If you want to contact me send me an email to hotmail or Gmail.This damned library computer allows me any amount of freedom for facebook or Twitter but a serious secure server like Opera…DeNada.It Must be something those splendid chaps at Micromanage your windows (No Name no pack-drill) have Kooked up.British government and "quasi government" (quango and social sites like libraries and employment agencies) computers all use Windows.They had a stab at Opera some time ago (Opera 6 vss IE 4 or whatever IIRC) then they tried to buy them out.I suspect shenannigans.Anyone know who to ask?

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