I was looking at a globe of the earth recently and it struck me that a lot of the land mass is contained in spirals.

Africa for instance desribes one with a curve from somewhere around the Congo up around its north shores, northern and eastern coastline to South Africa. That spiral is exactly like the one for the nautilus shell.

Australia is a butterfly and Australasia out to NewZealand up to the equator onto Indonesia is a spiral. And from Indonesia up into mainland Asia curving in around the coast of China is also a spiral.

Then I looked at Africa afgain and it 3/4 fills a perfect ellipse with its major axis running down the 10 degrees east parallel from Tunis out to see 37 degrees or so, north and south.

Its small axis runs along the equator from about 23 degrees west to 33 degrees east.
On a Mercator map it looks circular.

Antarctica forma a near perfect equidistant spiral. (That's the sort you'd get if you wrapped tape around a cone.)

Spirals are usually of equiangular or equidistant proportions. There's lots of stuff on here about them:


One thought on “Spirals

  1. HmmmThat's nice. The Library finally allows me to post to my own site. How lovely.Now all I need is to find out how to post pictures from a web cam.South America forms a Cardioid curve from the rough parallelogramme of its coastline. The inner centres of the stuff I drew focussed on the lightning and seismic zones. Maybe I will have to try again? Yep, I got that one wrong:> http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Cardioid.html > http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Limacon.html Africa on the other hand forms a rams-horn conchoid centring on its lightning and seismic core which are both in the same area. Can't quite make iot fit this time.Just off to see if I can find a diagramme for the AustraliaAustralasian and AfricaEurAsian butterflies. Maybe http://mathworld.wolfram.com/CartesianOvals.html ? Let's see… The five day wave of storms over Africa might be an interference pattern with the two body problem called Earth's barycentre and the Earth's daily rotation.I've got an idea that the storms leaving the USA and heading out towards northern Europe are also in a similar cycle.Oof! My brane Hertz.

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