For people who like the stupid side of life …

I put a Bruce Springsteen CD on my computer the other day and was rewarded by Columbia Records Company with the Blues Sream of Death BSOD.

Sometimes affectionately known as bloodysods these things crop up from time to time for the unwary. Not having an internet connection at home Stupid here self immolated.

Fortunately I have most of my stuff on another PC and can get around to redoing most of my latest work when the shock wears off.

Do they still make freeware antivirus and bios cleaners for XP, anyone know? And how would I go about getting it for a different box?
From a public library?


Another nuisance is that I have loaded a lot of web pages in MHT whatever that format is. And Firefox in Ubuntu won't open them. Oh the joys of modern life.

SO here are a few recent links:


8 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. http://www.iris.edu/hq/retmHas a list of recent earthquakes and links to dat on them. One small point is there are no map references on the page. Obviously discussions on them do have locations but it are a PITB to open another link just for that.What's the point of not including the co0ordinates? They give a Google map graphic.Ah well.Neic's site still won't open for me on here:http://neic.usgs.gov/Notification Could Not Connect to Server McAfee Web Gateway was not able to connect to neic.usgs.gov.If you would like to (waste your time) try again, click here. The ANSS site opens:http://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/anss/I got a load of data on earthquakes from that all in .mht.So back I jolly well go.Or not:Could Not Connect to Server McAfee Web Gateway was not able to connect to earthquake.usgs.gov.If you would like to try again, click here. How did I manage to open it before?http://www.ncedc.org/anss/catalog-search.html?Yes, that's the one.And I only have another half hour left on this thing. So adios.

  2. A great loop for US weather surface pressure charts on the home page. But I am into this page at the moment:http://weather.unisys.com/hurricane/index.phpUnisys is one of the foremost weather modlelling superdupercomputer makers. A conglomerate of the "What ever happened to Cray" variety.Wait till you see what I have in store for the not too distant future.(Assuming they let me show their images on here.)

  3. "Another nuisance is that I have loaded a lot of web pages in MHT whatever that format is. And Firefox in Ubuntu won't open them. Oh the joys of modern life." (It`s a quoted from you but this keyboard really don't work… I cannot find brackets!)—-EM, sir? "Modern life" Hmm. I'm afraid a hombre is behind that! JK! Why don't you try to save that web pages with other format, as PDF maybe. Can't you choose it or do you know how to do it? PDF format opens in everywhere. In other way, don't save them as web pages. You can open Word and save any document as Word97-2003 or OpenDocument or XPS or PDF. If you use Office2007 do click in the Office button (the button with the Word2007 icon: up and right) but if you use Office2003 have to use (Oops, now I don't remember exactly the acute word) the label "folder/archivo" in menu bar (¿será así en inglés: la barra de menú?)Well, in any case, avoiding the unknown extensions in the filenames you want to save is the better I think. As you have Ubuntu in your computer you need to save those files in OpenDocument format, of course. And you won't open them but with the "Writer".Don't you know all of that? it looks like you do not it!My computer has Office 2007 but OpenOffice.org 3.2 also. A lot of people here till use Office 2003, they rather that and it is for I have to switch between them at work besides in Spanish never never in English, it is a mess because a few people do use Linux here! In spite of the government has its own version called Canaima and it is promoting its use. My Networking professor is not a fool, he has in his computer both of the OS: Seven and the newest version of Linux. When I have more experience I will do the partition of my computer HD -by myself- in order to include Linux in it. I don't like anyone touching my PC!Well, I have to do the washing. No time for earthquakes now!11:08 p.m. 12/01/2011

  4. Hi tdjmd.I hope you don't mind me making a few changes to your post. One of the words you used isn't correct English -to say the least. And translating is as "man" doesn't work, either.Your English is very excellantly though. So doesn't desperados no?Ok, earthquakes:We have an High established ove the UK at the moment and, regardless of that severe quake in the Bonnin Islands recently, this thing is going to do much the same IMNIO.>In my not inconsiderable opinion.<On the European keyboard the square brackets are at the end of the "qwerty" line next to the letter p. "Shift key" on it will get the curly ones: {}.But I thought you used a phone to access the net?Anyhow… You'd be amazed how much a "free" system can improve in 6 months. It isn't in the interest of a commercial site to make such rapid improvements but open sourcerers like to bleed at the cutting edge.I'm in a different library to the one I normally use but the problem is exactly the same. Trend is the security option used in this one and it has much the same effect.Most good sites require you take a new certificate [cookie] every time you log in. (Some hyper-secure ones every page you open.) And these public access computers are just not geared to such non Microsoft views about security.You can get the moron websites such as Facebook and that other one no trouble. But Opera?Non!If you have a good computer don't mess with it. Get a cheap second hand one and format the drive for Linux. Or get another drive and use it on that.Youy can get an 8 GB USB or pen drive fairly cheaply and use Linux on that if someone helps you set it up on there. It isn't that hard.Or if you can get to what we call a computer fair (a sort of rummage/car boot/garage sale; you might find a second-hand hard drive for a few pennies and put Linux on that to make a dual boot machine.The beauty of having two operating systems is that important files saved to both are a lot safer than on one. Especially since Microsoft OSs are a high priority target for crackers.Linux is a lot harder to target as they upgrade some thing or other, every few days and every 6 months or so, the OS is virtually rewritten. And of course there are so many varieties that it is impossible to target them all.The average Linux magazine will supply as many as 6 new operating systems, complete with all the other programmes you might need to run an office.But of course getting stuff like Computer Aided Design is next to impossible, the same with voice operations.Messing with OS code is a worthwhile hobby but to spend a large proportion of your life developing something you won't make much money with isn't attractive to computer geniuses.Even the stuff your people produce will not work on Linux and yet you willingly give it away.In fact most times you can't even do that.But not for Linux.It is truly a pandemic poison that one firm can have that much hold over the computing industry of an entire planet.My Windows machine can wait for me to get online at home. I'll get a freeware security wipe if they still do them for XP by then.But I have crossed a Rubicon as far as important files are concerned. I am now in another brain level with my research and all the old stuff is just drive filler as far as I am concerned.It is depressing to realise that your previous work is as good as worthless. (This despite the fact that doing it was the only way to get to the next phase.)I will explain all that in its own post. But my Saturday is burning away and the shops are getting to the end of their day.You will just have finished breakfast as I write this. It is getting on for 2 pm here.TTFN.

  5. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    I hope you don't mind me making a few changes to your post. One of the words you used isn't correct English -to say the least. And translating is as "man" doesn't work, either.

    Para nada. Nay, you are right. I forgot to write homo hominis (or better, homo inabilis Lol). A lapsus I suppose. In any case, you are the one with the suit, in English language I mean.

  6. Oh yes… I already remember it:

    1/4 Scot, 1/4 English. 1/2 Welsh.

    Mucho más celta que Inglés: I understand, you are "muy celta"[/u].

  7. I have been thinking about selling some USBs with Linux installed. I wonder how much it would cost to start up in a small way doing that?I bet USBs are quite cheap if you buy a lot from the makers in China. But how many is a lot and what guarantees would you get from them?Over here local libraries sell them presumably at little more than cost price but they are just blanks for use in Windows machines.They could just as cheaply have them fromatted to run a small Linux Distribution such as Mint or Dam Small Linux and loaded with tons of teaching aids or books from the Gutenberg archives.You only need a gigabyte to carry documents home from the library and the number of web pages you can carry on 1 or 2 Gb is astonishing.So a 4 or 8 GB USB drive would be a marvellous tool I think.I don't understand why Linux developers don't get in on it. Already you can get a DVD or CD that will run a huge office with a number of operating systems from a Linux magazine.And it's hardly a cutting edge idea. OK the Linux magazine costs as much as a USB blank.But who wouldn't buy one if they were well advertised?If I was rich I'd design one or rather, have one designed as a camera/phone/operating system/memory stick too. It wouldn't cost much more than a mid range phone I am sure.

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