What a difference a bus ride makes

And a library in a different part of town. …

Stoke on Trent has about a dozen libraries in its boundaries. The main town centre is called Hanley and has the largest library and the oldest computers.

Just a couple of miles down the road Stoke proper has a library just moved into a recently built home it shares with the town council. And a smaller collection of newer computers. It can be a dog to use them when the lines are busy but at the moment it is a pleasure.

And more; it will save web sites with the complete .htm formula. I only had a choice of .mht or the page code (simple html) in Hanley.

Which is a pain for saving graphics.

Speaking of which; you only get one file extension offered for saving picture files at either library but it is .gif in Stoke and .jpeg in Hanley. Why different, I wonder?

So although I still can't open my PMs in Opera, I am an happy bunny.

Damn, I left my library card in Hanley….

Until …I try to log-in next time?
Maybe I aught to write the log in code down whilst I can remember it?

I just bought a 30 quid DVD recorder at a charity shop in Stoke so all in all I am pleased with this place. …If it works….



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