3rd Feb 2011. 02:31

More lunarcy …

Jan 26 12:57 This one has hasd to be dragged off, kicking and screaming all the way. Even now with the pahse in its last stages the Low that eventually developed is not able to expand into the position held and now vacated by the blocking High.

There is a little compression but I doubt it wuill furnish much more than more 5M. earthquakes.

Here is the next spell:
3 Feb. 02:31.

That time interval between wet weather (1 o'clock) and fine (5 o'clock) is a broad swathe of difficult times and hard to deal with.

2:30, am or pm generally indicates windy weather in the form of tornadoes in the USa and occasionally in the UK too though it might as easily form thundery stuff. Certauinly there aught to be marked striations of clouds. (Derecho types but also when there are severe tropical storms "mare's tails".)

The Met Office has a High placed over Greenland so there is more to the spell than the above. Interest will be in Queensland, Australia for the duration I think.

From: http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/phase/phase2001gmt.html

11 Feb 07:18 more wet weather
18 Feb 08:36 This one is in the warmer spectrum of that swathe mentioned above.
24 Feb 23:26 anticyclonic. But this is an unsettled one too.

But if it was easy they'd all be doing it.

My time's up.

More later.


9 thoughts on “3rd Feb 2011. 02:31

  1. Fantastic weather here, considering: The above is from the Shipping Forecast a MetOffice web page.The text on it states:Gale warnings – Issued: 1543 UTC Wed 02 FebRockallStorm force 10 now veered westerly, backing southwesterly and increasing hurricane force 12 laterMalinSevere gale 9 now veered westerly, backing southwesterly and increasing violent storm force 11 laterHebridesSouthwesterly storm force 10 increasing hurricane force 12 soon, veering westerly laterBaileySouthwesterly violent storm force 11 increasing hurricane force 12 soon, veering northwesterly laterFair IsleSevere gale force 9 backing southerly and increasing violent storm force 11 soon, veering westerly laterFaeroesSevere gale force 9 backing southeasterly and increasing violent storm force 11 soon, veering westerly laterSouth-east IcelandSevere gale force 9 veering northwesterly and decreasing gale force 8 soonhttp://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/marine/shipping_forecast.html#All~AllThe Low over Iceland has filled in and been replaced by the one that was below it yesterday according to the chart from yesterday. There are not many quakes showing as yet and only one tropical storm. (I say only, it was for while a force 4 hurricane and has hit Australia whose government is struggling to cope with a series of storms and floods this (southern) summer.)http://www.tropicalstormrisk.com/It shows just how much one man's disaster is another's nice day. It is warm here with blue skies. And no sign of any roll clouds.http://listverse.files.wordpress.com/2007/10/08-800px-roll-cloud-racine.jpgMorning Glory Cloud of Australia is a ..dramatic phenomenon This long tube-shaped cloud, often stretches well over 500 miles, forming over the outback of Northern Queensland in a wave of air which glider pilots can surf just like regular surfers on an ocean wave. ‘Roll clouds‘ like this appear in many other parts of the world… sometimes seen traveling ahead of a storm. These can be formed by sinking cold air associated with storms.Vertical columns of warmer air surge up the middle of storm clouds, while cooler air sinks downwards around them – helped along by all the falling rain and hail.In certain conditions, this sinking air can hit the ground in such a violent way that it causes a solitary wave of air to advance ahead of the storm. In the middle of this advancing wave of air, a roll cloud can occasionally appear, rotating as it travels. What makes the Morning Glory roll cloud stand out from the others is not only its dramatic size. It is also one of the few cloud formations whose appearance is quite regular. It tends to form in a particular region of Queensland at a certain time of year – the end of September / beginning of October.http://cloudappreciationsociety.org/rolls-of-delight/

  2. Blasted websites!I can't save the full picture from the MetOffice shipping forecast page.I'm taking it home to play with.

  3. So…..Windy spells look like this: I have often wondered.They are not THAT dissimilar to tornadic charts.Nor, for that matter, so far from earthquake patterns either.

  4. How very odd.The picture on comment #3 is now the same as the picture in comment #5.This is a computer glitch with Opera servers recognising the same file name having imported it from a different file on my computer to the original post opened to allow me to post pictures (Stupid comments box not allowing that.)If you don't understand, try it yourself by posting two dissimilar pictures in two dissimialr folders on your computer. Give them the same name and post them on your Opera blog in different comments.GGGRRRRRRRRrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

  5. Odd there has been no severe quake from the storm to hit Australia. It was quite a severe huricane and aught to have produced at least a 7M.Two more days into the spell then onto the next which is a standard wet weather if the Greenland Low holds:Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    11 Feb 07:18 more wet weather18 Feb 08:36 This one is in the warmer spectrum of that swathe mentioned above.24 Feb 23:26 anticyclonic. But this is an unsettled one too.

    The chart for today (Wednesday the 9th) shows a deepening Low that could produce something interesting when it crosses the Ridge.I have no idea what, though.

  6. 949 millibars is pretty low and there are a lot of those mouse like cartoons on the board.They are called Occluded Fronts and are ALWAYS present before a severe earthquake -but they also show up when there isn't one.Which kind of takes the shine off things, alittle. But if it was easy I'd be struggling to do something else; such as turning water into wine or lead into gold.So: Good job it isn't easy.(Better still, that it isn't all that hard though.)

  7. Odd rotation inthis one: If you remember the layout of the systems earlier in the spell, the Lows were lined up along the 60th parallel and the highs along the 45th.They seem to have the same spacing but a 90 degree turn -or rotation, on the chart has taken place.The end of the spell is due today or tomorrow ushering in a Low to dominate Britain. I don't know what is to take place but a severe quake is still outstanding from the storm that grounded in Queensland earlier in this spell. As of yesterday there was little showing.

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