Black Viper

One stop shop for all your computer needs.
Or not as the case may be. …

I just rediscovered this site after an absence of many years.

I stopped going when he stopped posting. Most people thought he'd given up but besides difficulties with the website and finances, he was just out of it while Microsoft played silly buggers with Vista.

I wasn't interested in that, so I stopped going when he finally got up and running. I wasn't too successful with my own transition to Linux. I am still a total newb as far as that is concerned despite using it all the time at home.

I only need an OS that can be used to run an office -and only a word processor there, these days.

Anyway for anyone interested; he has a lot of tips about Ubuntu -one of the top free operating systems, as well as the regular windows tips.

And a bulletin board that he is considering closing unless you want to go there and make a nuisance of yourselves to stop him.


One thought on “Black Viper

  1. I just got a 419 purporting to be from HM's Tax office.Can you believe how naive these ****holes are?Yet they seem to be able to find enough to get hold of too much mealie meal beer.Fancy trying to pass off a letter from them without any idea how they work. Man.I'd suggest a long talk with the regulars on the forum for them but I doubt they would take the hint.Just in case you have taken the bait from the trappers on safari, you can get all sorts of help to clean your box at the site.Good luck.

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