The story so far

Now, more Mr NEIC guy …

Magnitude 4.7 ARKANSAS February 28, 2011
Magnitude 6.3 SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND February 21, 2011
Magnitude 4.1 ARKANSAS February 18, 2011
Magnitude 6.6 OFFSHORE MAULE, CHILE February 14, 2011
Magnitude 6.8 OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE February 11, 2011
Magnitude 6.5 CELEBES SEA February 10, 2011
Magnitude 7.2 SOUTHWESTERN PAKISTAN January 18, 2011
Magnitude 7.0 LOYALTY ISLANDS January 13, 2011
Magnitude 6.6 VANUATU January 09, 2011
Magnitude 4.1 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA January 08, 2011
Magnitude 7.1 ARAUCANIA, CHILE January 02, 2011
Magnitude 7.0 SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO, ARGENTINA January 01, 2011

Boi Bio is about 1 degree (60 nautical miles) away from Conception, one of Chile's capital cities.

"It is one of the most seismically active areas on the planet.
Since 1973, there have been 13 events of magnitude 7.0 or greater.

Founded as a military settlement in 1550 north of the Bio Bio river, at a site now known as Penco, Concepcion was overrun and destroyed in 1554 and 1555 by Mapuche armies during the Arauco War in the early period of Spanish colonialism.

It became an important government stronghold during Spanish colonial times but earthquakes and tsunamis razed the city no less than five times between 1570 and 1750. After a huge tremor in 1751, the city was moved from its original site to a location further from the sea in the Mocha Valley 320 miles south of the capital Santiago."

"Concepcion still rests on a seismically active area, most of the city was destroyed by a violent earthquake in 1939."

"It was also badly affected by the devastating earthquake of 1960 – which with a magnitude of 9.5 was the world's strongest quake. It triggered tidal waves and volcanic eruptions, leaving 1,655 dead and two million homeless.

Saturday's magnitude 8.8 quake occurred…."
Saturday's magnitude 8.8 quake occurred…. a year ago. The post was written on Monday, 1 March 2010.

It took me a while to figure out the connection between Bio Bio and Conception. And even then I was just looking for Bio Bio on a map.

I had heard of the major quake at Conception in the 60's of course. It just never occurred to me that they would start calling the less famous epicentre Bio Bio.

What passes for plate technology is merely a misapplication of earthquake lists.
Ask yourself:
If it was superheated water climbing through thousands of miles of soft rock, what causes the strain?
And what causes the strain to be so tightly bound to one place for so many centuries?

You'd think that even at the slow rate of creep of supposed continental drift, a few centuries would make some noticeable difference.

Well I'd think.

You probably swallowed it all with the flies that you continually catch.



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