Things I just remembered when it was too late.
This is part of a huge file I will have to finish then edit then break down into lesser huge parts. …

Scotland is about 80 degrees from Japan just north of Tokyo. That 80 degrees is an interesting distance geomorphologically.

I was actually hoping for 120 degrees. If that is subjective or objective thinking I can't say. The Philippines is 120 degrees from the Greenwich Meridian, maybe that is what I was remembering. (Do it in time zones rather than the Mercator/dateline longitude.)

London to Tokyo is about 85 degrees.

Anyway, that's one.

Jan Mayen Island (midway between Iceland / Svalbard and Greenland / Northern Scandinavia) is about 80 degrees from the Volcano/Bonin Islands (about 9 to 12 degrees 'almost' south of Tokyo.)

That's two.

And the ridge the Bonin and Volcano Islands are on runs due south from Sakhalin Island in the Sea of Okhotsk to Guam where it meets the transverse ridge on which the Carolinas sit. the ridge carries through to New Guinea.

That's three.

You can draw the line through the mountainous country between the Cherskiy and Verkhoyansk Ranges to the Siberian peninsula that runs to the New Siberian Islands and joins the Lomonosov/Harris Ridge. That ridge crosses the Arctic sea through the North Pole and runs through the middle of Greenland.

From the southern tip of Greenland the planet dips into the North Western Atlantic basin, the iceberg depths where the Bismark and the Hood, the Titanic and all the long lost ships lie.

The serpentine Mid Atlantic Ridge runs west from there to Iceland on the Reykanes Ridge.

666.666 fathoms the Bismark/Titanic/Hood lies
Insert name of ship of disaster made
And coral doesn't grow there to make their bones
And pearly eyes have not the dead

It is down this ridge the mice run in the tortuous string of major earthquakes that occur when the North Atlantic Highs become anomalies.
Blocking Highs.

That's four.

The major earthquakes occur on the so called Ring of Fire. They occur on the ring of fire because of the not so called ring of rain that is the North Atlantic.

And they occur with a factor that points towards a spiral.

The so called ring of fire is more like a spiral that reaches from Chile to Japan via the Aleutians.

That's five.

It's a bloody big spiral but the salient points are adequately displayed for us on the NEIC lists.

Take a look at the stuff from December 2010 to March this year.

I don't have data earlier than 13th Dec 2010. It's readily available though. And the charts for the North Atlantic are freely available if you live near Exit Door. Or you can speak German.

I can get the data I really want from Canada if I can afford to get them to do a search. So all I need to do is publish my ideas without the required data, become rich or and famous and then get the data I need for my research and bingo. No more cachee withee pantsee downee.

Pity that.
But the Met Office stuff will do.


7 thoughts on “Precursors.

  1. There is very little difference between the time for the lunar phases that bring anticyclonic weather to Britain and the time that brings foggy weather.There is very little difference between anticyclonic and foggy weather weather in Britain. In fact for "runs" to produce snow, it is almost necessary for the lunar times to oscillate between those times.that's seven.Unfortunately there is a problem with using the lunar phase code (which code has been steadily commented on by my excellent self elsewhere.)When Greenland has an High over it or in its vicinity the impact on the weather in Britain is to shelve the lunar code. It knocks it back several hours.In fact once the period has settled and one can picture how the rest of the spell will pan-out, it is possible to state the rectification for the code.Whether the result of the anomaly will be a tropical storm or a major quake or both or some other natural phenomenon, the end of the affair can be gauged.The time for the type of the weather to expect (the code) will vary directly to the usual time accorrding to the code of the actual weather we are experiencing. That is, if the time of the phase is 23:00 the expected weather should be fine in Britain. Annticyclonic, in summer sunny and warm with cloudless night skies. In winter cold and frosty with a tendency to mist or drizzle.The difference being 1 hour – or 5.I think the way to look at it is a knock back of 5 hours as the resulting tropical cyclone (if any) will be a super-cyclone. If it is a quake it will be a mega-quake.That's guilding the lilly or 8.But true.Proof of that pudding of course is obvious:

  2. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    Here are some thoughts about New Zealand:

    Christchurch is in the middle of the South Island on the eastern shore.An 80 degree arc from there cuts South America through Patagonia. There is a wide shelf of shallow water off Argentina, from Montevideo to Tierra del FuegoOut into the Atlantic it passes equatorwards of the Falklands and South Georgia Islands and cuts through Bouvitia Island's shallows on the Atlantic Indian Ocean border. Then it hits Crozet Ridge.Next it reaches Simeulue Island near Band Atjeh or just south of it. It is the true antipode of the storm centre basin that warned of the quake there. That place was just off Norway. (That's 160 degrees away not the 180 polar opposite that is Cape Finisterre in northern Portugal.)None of which is much use to the meteorological factors involved. But I can't get records that will be. BOM is particularly uninformative as it is almost purely Austalocentric.The arc cuts along the borders of Thailand and Malaia and Cambodia and South VietNam. From Qui Nhon it goes to Tainan in Taiwan. Then along the Ryuku Islands to south of Kyushi Island in Japan. <<< there's interesting for you. I missed this. when I read it last night. (28th mar 2011.)That's it then until Conception in Chile. I think that that is near Bio Bio where they have just had a major quake series.12 February 2011 6.1 M. Bio Bio Chile. 37 degrees South. 73 degrees west. (Conception is 36:50 South 73 West. Not a bad guess, although I have seen NEIS maps of Bio Bio. And Conception of course was the site of the world's most powerful earthquake in the 1960's. So I had some idea.) Earthquakes in the World – Past 7 days.htm of space for major storms but I don't yet know of any.

  3. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    24 Feb 2011. 23:26

    This should be a period of anticyclonic weather in the UK. But today it is raining. That's not what it was like on the first day of this spell. And yesterday was warm and dry too. The sunset on Thursday was glorious. Thin red striped clouds on a fading blue background and the clouds turned purple.Typical for the weather on spells of this time: 23:30-ish.So why is it raining?Obviously a storm is building somewhere. Britain is a massive barometer of that sort of thing. Whether it is underground or over sea I don't know.News of the quake in New Zealand -heavily reported despite emergencies in north Africa is reporting tremors hampering relief efforts.The uprisings sweeping North Africa and Arabia is called "the Arab Spring" here, nmaed after the Prague Spring uprising so heavily put down by the USSR.There is limited political help for white migrants from Britain and the USA etc. North African workers are in trouble, trying to leave Libya. And the atrocities committed by Ghadafi make the damage in New Zealand pale.There is nothing I can do for the Africans. Here are some thoughts about New Zealand:

  4. I started filling a word processor file with everything I could find on geophenomena from the earliest date I had a recent earthquake list for. Compiling the list was a ball ache itself.Then putting all the relevant charts on and finding old links -and new ones for more was more pain.Then I realised a work like that required a presentation programme or in Open Office and Impress folder. And I didn't know where to start with that so I stopped everything.

  5. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    Proof of that pudding of course is obvious:

    If it is knocked back 4 hours the storm will only be a super cyclone for a short time and will not reach high SF figures. (actually if we get the kind of weather associated with the lunar phase of 4 o'clocks, the tropical storm will reach SF 2 or 3. Hurricane force for 3 or 9 o'clock and just a Beaufort 9 to 11 if the weather tends to produce tornadic spells. In fact tornadic spells are most likely to occur instead of tropical storms.)So not over egging it at 8 after all.We know exactly the features of the North Atlantic chart for a day before a large or super cell occurs over the USA. It is a Low pressure passing between Greenland and some other High to the south west of the Low.I haven't looked but the disposition of the Lows and Highs on the Atlantic chart seem to produce evidence of other weather basin phenomena exactly the same way as for tornadoes.this is beginning to sound like tautology the sort of evidence the FBI is likely to produce against Muslims in case where fingerprints are pivotal clues.None the less it is a 9.Let's see if we can go for 10:What else have I found out and forgotten?Lets have a look at one I prepared earlier:24 Feb 2011. 23:26

  6. And finally a resume'I posted this last bit in the Newsgroups: is just a summary of the whole:Precursors:Scotland is about 80° from thenorth of Japan (Hokkaido to Honshu north of Tokyo) 80° is an interesting distance geomorphologically. (London to Tokyo is about 85°, London to Los Angeles is 80° to Cape St Lucas, Baja, Mexico is 85°)Jan Mayen Island is central to: Iceland / Svaldard – Greenland / Northern Scandinavia. It is some 80° to Bonin / Volcano Islands (which are some 9° to 12° not quite due south of Tokio.)The ridge the Bonin/Volcano Islands sitss on runsdue south from Sakhalin Island to Guam where it meets the transverse ridge of the Carolinas before continuing to New Guinea.Continue that line north through Siberia and it passes between the Verkhoyanskiy and Cherskogo Ranges to Cape Unpronouncable to the New Siberia Islands. The line crosses the North Pole under the Arctic Ocean as it follows the Lomonson/Harris Ridge to Greenland.It goes on through Greenland to Cape Farve, where it delves to the depths of the western North Atlantic Basin666 fathoms down the Titanic/Hood now lies, insert name of disaster of choice for shipwreck made.Coral is scarce at those depths. And pearly eyes have not the dead.The Mid Atlantic Ridge twists and turns from the Reykanes Ridge off Iceland and continues north through the Arctic along a string of islands from Svalbard to the Verkhoyanskiy Range.It is this dichotomy that gives us the variuos oscillations of the northern oceans. And it is down the Mid Atlantic Ridge that the occlusions run before a major earthquake occurs.And they do this when the planet is so upset it produces Blocking Highs. (Insert link to the verse of scripture that mentions the curse of vomiting.)The major earthquakes of the so called Ring of Fire start off in the not so called ring of rains. (I get the impression that earthquakes for any given spell occur on a spiral of different sets for different spells.)There is very little difference in the times of phases that produce fogs and those producing frosts in Britain. The code I developed has a useful glitchwhen Greenland hosts an High.It's called the North Atlantic Oscillation.When the NOA is negative the weather doesn't follow the same code as for a positive cycle. It can be knocked back by as much as 5 hours.I say back by five hours rather than forwards one, because according to the intesity of the difference; it can go back 1, 2, or 3 and 4 hours. Each difference directly related to the degree of intensity of the natural phenomenon that develops as the spell relaxes.I leave proof of this in the capable hands of the dilligent students of Weatherlawyer. And eagerly await reprobation from the shit for brains that think they know better.We know the exact precursors of the spells that produce tornadic Super-Cells. Insert link to explanation here.Meanwhile here is something I wrote aout a month back:And another link here.

    “The sunset on Thursday was glorious. Thin red striped clouds on a fading blue background and the clouds turned purple.Typical for the weather on spells of this time: 23:30-ish.So why is it raining?Obviously a storm is building somewhere. Britain is a massive barometer of that sort of thing. Whether it is underground or over sea I don't know.”

    Almost every earthquake occurs alongside a man made disaster. Usually it is a mining collapse or a plane falling out the sky. We had a ship wreck during the early stge of this disaster but with events in Africa and Japan, the news media have been otherwise occupied.But who could have missed reports from Fucujimy about 6 nuclear reactors (one a plutonium pile) bringing an end to the nuclear furnace industry?Or not, arse the case may be. Nobody ever made the mistake of underestimating the stupidity of politicians.

  7. Almost every large magnitude earthquake is accompanied by incidents of man made disasters in mining and transport. It would seem like a conspiracy theory if the Fuckinawahat nuclear power plants wasn't in the statistics.A country that rates high on the sensitivity to dangers from natural phenomena might be considered to have good security in a power station that has 6 nuclear reactors not all that many miles from the largest city in Asia.And one of them a Plutonium fueled one.But there you go. There was a ship wreck as it happens and I don't doubt the aircraft falling out the sky on the dates for the spell might also count.I don't recall hearing about coal mines in China or the US mid west. But after the international crisisesisesees lately, a few lost miners wouldn't rate high on a good bad news week.And anyway the man-made disasters tend to occur after the event -or during. Hardly a warning. Actually a warning for them would have been nice.Traditionally a Cornish tin-miner wouldn't go down a mine if he saw rabbits about, the predicion of disaster might have some basis in fact if burrowing animals were too frightened to go home when they see humans.If you can see rabbits, it's pretty certain they have been watching you a lot longer. Chinese earthquake research along with the followers of JOB in California, focus on the errant behaviour of animals before earthquakes.

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