Verdamt Komputerz

Not only is Google a lost cause, the computers I use won't see my pen drives. Whatever is mucking up the net, a good chance is that it is also siezing my drives.

This would be bearble if I could find a decent newsreader. I don't wish to sign up for a usenet collator that you have to pay for. I have come across many an ideal that you can post to and read on line like a web forum. But I am damned if I know where they are or if I can get an up to date email from those losers in Redmond.

What are they up to I wonder? Recarpeting their airliners no doubt.

Google is a arse.


16 thoughts on “Verdamt Komputerz

  1. I have just remembered; when things go pearshaped, it usually means Satan is trying to stop me telling people about what I am trying out lately.I have had another drive fail. This time it was a pen drive. I have never heard of them failing before. But that doesn't mean a lot. I haven't kept abreast of much over the last few years.I save a pile of charts on it the day before I lost it. Fortunately I also saved the rest of it before I did that, so I only lost a day's work.So when this latest outage is resolved I should have a nanswur. I will at least have plenty of time to look at one or two charts. I just saved 2005 and was into 2004 when I realised the chart site was borked too. So it is definitely a plot to get me.Buggers!

  2. The weather prior to the main quake in Japan on 11 March 2011 was preceded by a long series of events in the neighbourhood, western Asia and the South Seas around that longitude.It started in winter the year before. What we call a Blocking High or a series of them, took place in all cases. The earthquakes dotted the region and continued long after March.In fact I think they fullfilled about a 6 month off and on. Only recently has the High system subsided and I am not sure it is totally finished. This has to do with a cycle that brought with it a series of lunar spells all forecasting rain, not blocking highs.But we did get them instead and they lead the way to my looking afresh at things and I saw the link. It was as easy as that.You can do things like that too. Everyone has a forte' Find yours and use it.

  3. I just read an e-mail from someone in Chile who forecast a record number of events since the Japanese superquake. Apparently he is keeping his methods a secret.This is what I wrote back:I was tempted by the idea that the information I was gathering might make me money. But then I realised I wasn't expert enough to be believed whole-heartedly.And more importantly, I am doing this for god's sake not just mine.Several decades ago, a massive earthquake threw a village down a cliff in the USSR. There followed exeptionally bad weather and maladministration. All the while, the newly freed churches of Russia were squabbling for state funding and priority.What on earth was god thinking about them?What does he think of me?I decided that these things are not acts of god but up for credible scientific research, so I made up my mind to ask god to help me understand all I could find out about these things. And epiphany followed epiphany. I was high on the stuff for years.How could I charge people for what god is willing to show anyone for free. I am the last person in the world to earn his blessing yet he has given and is giving freely. So now I do the same.What I have noticed is that there is always something depressing to thwart my attempts, each time I get an insight I also get a downer. But I look on those as chances for a rethink and look forward to a better understanding.I ended with this:Hope you are able to overcome the obstacles you seem to be thwarted by.May god bless us all. And forgive us.****The idea is that I don't know what other people think, I don't even know what I think sometimes. We are all lost sheep in my opinion.Human beings are incredibly capable of scientific thought. We are made up of so many genes to cover all the different things we can attain. Some are good at maths, some are good at languages, it's in the genes.I have dyscalcula. I am the last person to be capable of understanding the scientific papaers I read on the subject of earth science.Yet as an human being, I am capable of dicerning truth. And when things are taking too long to resolve as is the case with earthquake forecasting and for that matter weatherforecasting, I realise that someone is leading the rest of us astray somehow.We are like the magic practitioners in Nebuchadnezzars day. Capable but fallible. And easily lead when new ideas need squashing. Sometimes all we need do is think.But somehow we seldom do.So how will any god bless us if we are willfully stupid and remain ignorant despite his offers of help?If you have it run with it. If you want it, ask.If you don't want it, you will lose what little you have

  4. You seem to be a peculiar guy. I like the simple things as I am a peasant. Long life to simple natural stuff. Have a great week. 🙂

  5. They have peasants in Belgium? Originally posted by FIFINELEB:

    August 2011, 14:41You seem to be a peculiar guy. I like the simple things as I am a peasant. Long life to simple natural stuff. Have a great week.

    I'm sort of a nature lover, the nearest I can get to be a peasant. I would be a consultant in the days when a man was looked up to for his insights for growing corn. Nowadays people can't even afford to grow plums, a byeword for top jobs in this country.But at least I won't get killed by an hurricane. I wonder how people in the most technologically advanced part of the world manage to do that.

  6. Yes,we have and good ones. We grow lots of agricultural products, of course all is highly mechanized and it is necessary because of the climate ,the rains being always ready to ruin the crops we have to be quicker than them. BTW this year we are being attacked by legions of wasps. The pears and the grapes are in danger. I don't care because my grapes are already inside in my cellar.You're right when you say that the art of growing things is fading away.Personally It is a challenge to me to grow all kinds of plants such as fig trees or stevias.Mind the new shrew: i.e. Irene. Technology can't beat nature ,can it?I wish you a great weekend in the country far from the maddening crowd as they say. 🙂

  7. Seasons of wasps.Originally posted by FIFINELEB:

    BTW this year we are being attacked by legions of wasps. The pears and the grapes are in danger. I don't care because my grapes are already inside in my cellar.

    Know any previous occurrences of that phenomenon? I think it will be related to the seasons of superquakes. We have them with seasons of blocking highs.All weather related. Winter Solstice 2004/5; Vernal Equinox 2011.That's five or six year intervals is it not?So it will be an interval of about 5 1/4 x 4 to get the season right for wasps.

  8. I think you're right,my friend. Each year has its pecularities. Anyway we've got to make the most of it to survive- kind of challenge,isn't it? 🙂

  9. When things go pear shaped….hmmmm….that means you're getting old. Isn't it? That is what is happening! Damn computer! Since moving away from my high speed Internet service to a wireless service, I've had nothing but slow, slow, and more slow. Plus, being bumped offline right in the middle of a comment is annoying too. Ok, I was not going to talk about pc problems every again and here I am. And yes, I agree, we are all lost sheep. Baaaaaaa.

  10. Opera turbo with a wireless dongle on Vista with a laptop. As badarse it gets.Tomorrow I install Linux. I'll keep the losergramme if I can but Mint it has to be on the rest of the hard disc.This is like the bad old days of Microsoft groups. If you posted without copying and pasting you were cooked.

  11. I've been using linux for a while now. I tried several versions but they all seem the same except for the engine they use for the graphics/user interface.All the distros using gnome seem identical and very similar to windows. I can't get used to KDE. Too long with the monopoly from hell.It is very hard not to take Microsoft personally after all they do take over a substantial part of your personal life, most of your communicating skills and all of your education.The computer manufacturing world is addled by them. And it could all have been so much better for everyone if only Xerox and IBM had been run by competent people.

  12. Have you ever tried OPENSUSE ? It is a German distribution from the Linux world that is a bit different. It is worth trying it. It can solve some probs. Have a great week. :)

  13. I have it on a P3. It works but I would have put a smaller distro on if I had had a link to the internet at the time. It's all right,it replaced Sabayon which was just as good and again too large for the limited memory of the P3.It had Granola or Granular or something on it when I got it but I couldn't fit a USB into it for some reason. Too close to the monitor cable and the distro didn't have drivers for a USB stick IIRC.All my computers are packed and stacked for leaving soon. I am looking to move. So I am stuck with this laptop for now.

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