Friendships on Opera

Message to applicant:

You have been a member since 2010 and haven't added a blog or a photo to your account. What do you want to share with me? …

The application in Opera called Friends is something akin to a bookmark that helps regular Oper Bloggers in touch with one another. I can't think of a title for the page that is more apt nor one less appropriate. We are not necessarily friends. Not as in real life.

I don't make friends at all easily in real life. I do on here. Visiting one site after reading the application, I made him a friend and applied for the status to a friend of his whose blog I found on the applicant's page. That couldn't happen in reality, though people make acquaintances that way every day.

But you wouldn't make an acquaintanceship casually even on line with someone who was just a vacant expression, like an open lavatory door.

So if you have just joined Opera and wonder what to do next, filling application forms is not enough. It is positively not the way to behave.

You don't need a blog if you have nothing to say and if you have nothing to say, what do you need to gather acquaintances for?

If you Do want to blog this is how to go about it:

1. Some people like to write a blog as a diary.
Don't do that unless you are very experienced on the internet. People actually troll the net to find out about people. Some of them are evil. Giving them ideas about you is dangerous. So don't reveal private details about yourself to anyone.

2. If you have something witty to say, put it on a blog. If you are a budding writer, blog. If you like to collect good ideas from online or anywhere, you could discuss those on a blog. And if you are interested in the news or politics and have comments or anger you need to vent, blog about that.

3. Blogs are good places to write about your hobbies. They complement net forums of the sort that you may find on Usenet.

Usenet (sometimes called Google Groups but not limited to Google -which has a poor reputation among die-hard Usenet denizens) are the simplest notice boards for discussing all sorts of life sciences. But they don't mix well with specialised ideas that you might want to develop. And you can add pictures to your blog.

That last reason is the one I use Opera for. I like the idea it is moderated so I won't come into disrepute from blogs run by scammers and porn purveyors. But I like to vent from time to time and I like to show off my poetry too.

I like to read the blogs of others too. Lately I haven't had time for that. In fact, reading stuff online is about the most distracting and time consuming occupation ever invented. So I have to be sparing with my acquaintanceships.

What I have been getting around to saying is that if you don't have time for your own blog, you don't have time for mine. And I for one, certainly don't have time for yours.

So be sensible and fill in your page before asking me to come and look will you?


204 thoughts on “Friendships on Opera

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