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You can now use Opera for e-mail.

I tried getting my real name on various e-mail services but ended up having to put numbers or something on the name to do so. having a first shot at a new server for mail such as Opera's myopera mail, gives me a chance to grab all the names I want.

Handy for dealing with bills and etc. It looks more professional when your name appears on the email address.

So now I have two portals in this place. You have to use the name you sign up with and I already have enough weatherlawyer addresses.

The other stuff is a file store. If you want to store notes and old work online you can use Opera's servers to do so. I haven't tried it yet but I do have a lot of stuff I wouldn't mind another place to house.

I always lose scads of stuff when a rive fails. A 4 Gb USB went on me a few weeks back. I would have liked to get some copies of it.


I just watched the film "True Lies". Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a secret agent. Early in the film the team hack into the baddie's computers. He uses Windows 3.1 and the hacker makes a meal of the crack while Arnie shoots all the well armed fully kitted out guards as they chase him through the snow in his tuxedo and all he has is a pistol and dancing pumps to their snowmobiles and assault rifles.

So you can see how long it used to take to crack a pre-Pentium operating system.

You get yourself a copy of Knoppix and any version of Windows is an open book to you as soon as the OS opens. I was trying to load Mint, not an especially good hacker tool and that found files on my broken USB drive.

If you think you are safe with the latest Windows and a well written password and security system, think again.


6 thoughts on “Opera Mail

  1. Welcome letter from the Opera team:Hello!Welcome to My Opera Mail. Please have a look around. Feedback can be left on the Web Mail forum: http://my.opera.com/community/forums/forum.dml?id=76or on the Mail Team blog: http://my.opera.com/mailteam/Want to setup M2 or other IMAP client with your My Opera Mail account? Here's the details you'll need:IMAP server: imap.myopera.com port 993 (SSL only) SMTP server: smtp.myopera.com port 587 (STARTTLS only) or 465 (SSL only) You'll need to use your username@myopera.com email address as the login and your My Opera password for both of these.Remember this is a work in progress and we still have lots of cool features to add! The My Opera Mail Team.

  2. That Operamail is 'till in beta mode but it really works, at least to me. Are you using it by chance?Ah btw, I've also used that bin called 'Notes'. It's good.

  3. A cloud? I need a cloud for storing all of my computer stuff. I'm going to use that other Operablog of mine for it.I think blog over here isn't just for playing only.

  4. I am trying to log into the one with my name in the title instead of Weatherlawyer but it won't load on these public computers.

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