This is a local shop for local people. There’s nothing for you here.

I like the name of the website too.


6 thoughts on “This is a local shop for local people. There’s nothing for you here.

  1. Another quote is:"We didn't burn them."To be honest I never saw the programme. I didn't have a TV when it was on. I don't have one now in theory. (I just use it to watch videos bought from charity shops as its cheaper and far more entertaining than anything I can get by paying the television tax.)But I gather the ostensibly stupid woman and her brother were a couple of successful maniacs.

  2. We've gone digital now. So I can watch my videos with no fear of anyone burning and barging in on me.I get threatening and intimidating letters from the BBC at least once a month. They are taking me to court for not having a TV license.I don't want to pay for a postage stamp to people who make threatening letters and try to intimidate people.That's all it should take to stop them. I suppose I should look for the SAE.But why should I have to bother?

  3. . . or you cud be really devious and send them a brick via free return post ,actually not sure thats possible now . . anyways i had them letters all the time and just kept ignoring untip i eventually moved . there shud at least be a sensible slidinng scale as i think everypne pays the same rich and poor alike . dont like constant adverts but the licence is a nuisance . .you cud hide it . or deny you have one ? . .

  4. I don't have one.I have a TV that is not used to watch broadcast shows or anything like. There are no programmes I would like to watch except some educationnal stuff and I would have no real control over what those were.For entertainment I get my own VCR and DVD recordings from markets and charity shops.The letters they sent don't accuse me of anything just tell me I may be breaking the law and they are watching me.All very insulting and in my opinion threatening.I believe they listen to my home with sensitive audio equipment just like MIBs.So if I am breaking wind scratching my buttocks or calling to god for help against them, they probably know what I did and said.There is no limit to what you can learn if you are expert enough and listen in on people, so there is no reason the government is ever going to abolish the TV Tax it is so useful for the boffins in GCHQ to know what we are all doing.So you could say that apart from the cameras being Microphones Orwell got it right. For they may just as easily be listening to the ones who have paid tax as those that haven't.Or I am paranoid.Whatever, paying the buggers won't make it go away.

  5. . . well i think things are already orwellian in many respects . but dont let them make you paranoid because of thier contact / threats . . they're out of order . .

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