Do, this at home folks. …

I went to a writers meeting today Saturday 8th October 2011.

The chairman set this exercise for us.

Why do
Why do
Why do
Leave a space, then write:
Leave another space, then write:
What if
What if
What if

Now, complete the questions.

So we did.

I asked for the others' efforts so I could post them here. Over twenty of us came to that meeting and I got five of them counting my own.

Have a go at it.

By Jan:

Why do my feet hurt when I wear high heels?
Why do my clothes get smaller the more I eat?
Why do squirrels have bushy tails?

How does a goldfish learn to swim?
How does a fly pull his socks on?
How does a mole know which way to dig?

What if fairies were real?
What if colours could sing?
What if clouds could speak?



Why do philosophers drink?
Why do skunks utterly stink?
Why do shop assistants shrink?

How does Socrates debate?
How does weather go dark?
How do fingers scratch the chin?

What if tomorrow is today?
What if I am an idiot?
What if- and I then don't know it?


Also from Martin:

Why do I dance because can do the can can?
Why does the music take control?
Why does the rhythm take me over?

How does the lyric make me thrill that way?
How does the music make others feel?
How do notes give me high and low emotions?

What if I write music and lyrics?
What if I sing and play?
What if the audience ran away?


From Roy:

Why do you talk now?
Why do dogs bark?
Why do you shout?

How can you?
How possible is it?
How good it is.

Does it matter?
Does it work?
Does one care?

What if he does not come?
What if she says no?
What if we can not find him?


From [url-]Stoke Poet[/url]:

Why do women prefer bad boys?
Why do men prefer blondes?
Why do we believe lies more than the truth?

How do pigeons know their way home?
How do tooth fairies find teeth?
How do rainbows know what colour to be?

How does too much money make you miserable?
How does electricity work?
How does an elephant ride a bike?

What if Sat-Nav's got lost?
What if there was no religion?
What if politicians always told the truth?


And mine:

Why do buses come in threes?
Why do convoys sprawl in traffic?
Why do tornadoes suck?

How does an hurricane stick together?
How do waves keep in line?
How does wind blow?

Does space end?
Does the spectrum filter apart in a vacuum?
Does pressure increase indefinitely with depth?

What if the weather is related to earthquakes?
What if people react to the weather?
What if there is a god?


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