Mage School 103

Remember your creator in the days of your ignorance …

Jehovah spoke to the wisest man on earth and said:

Who is finding fault with me?
Come on!
Come here and prove it.

And the wise man said:

I'm nothing!
What can I say against you.
I put my hand over my mouth.

Yes I have said a couple of stupid things.
I daren't speak now.

And Jehovah spoke in the fury of a storm, saying:

Stand up like a man!
And answer these things:

How can you over-rule my decisions?
Would you make me look stupid?
So you can look better than me?

Can you reach out to infinity and beyond?
Can you make it thunder with your voice?

Well then, deck yourself out, please.
With my authority.
And majesty!

Clothe yourself with dignity and splendour.
Control the fury of your anger.
Seeing everything and judging it for what it really is.
In comparison with everything else.
Go on!

Go ahead

And control all creation.

Measure the good, the bad.
And the nothingness in between.

Sort out the wicked, in every aspect of humanity.

Grind it all and grind it small!
Cut every edge to the most intimate centre of creation!
Go to the boundaries of the material universe.
And measure the tiniest shred of the smallest part of the smallest atom there.
And make sure that it is in the exact spot.
The centre of balance for life on earth for humanity!

To a time indefinite.

Bring out your ideas of justice and let me see how well you did.
And let me commend you.
For then you really will be a mighty man!

Here is the tornado.
A trinket
That I made it as well as I made you.

It tears the grass out of the ground.
Root and trunk
Just like a migrating herd.

It's power is in its hips.
Dynamite for tendons in its belly.

With a truncation of a huge tree it bends down.
Its tail weaving mamatus as sinews in its thighs.

For a skeleton it has tubes.
Proof against the night.
Wrought against the frozen waist; ironic.
The merest beginning of the ways of God; the one that controls its sword.

One mountain stretches out to another in its birth pangs
And as the trampling of numberless herds in heat;
As wild things stampeding.
Its pangs are.

Can thorns snare it?
Can it be mired in swamps?

Maybe a multitude of trunks swallow it in the densest gloom
As it reaches forwards to cyclosis.
With its debris:
Thorns of barbed wire.

Spars of ice fall from the stratosphere to surround it
Like the torrent valleys of god.
A mere taste of creation;

Running against the rivers in flood
With waterfalls for teeth
Staring against all who see it and weep.

Who is going to put a string in that bow

Can you?


What can you pull out of the reservoirs of the crater lake?
Can you put a rope around a triple point?
Can you suck out magma with pumps?
Get a line around its tongue?

You can't even put a stick in its nose.
What drills will you bore into its vents?

Will it cry to you for mercy?
Will it speak softly to you?
Will it offer you allegiance?
Will it conclude a covenant with you?
And become your slave to time indefinite?

Will you cage it like a song bird,
Or will you bind it for your daughters?

Will multi-nationals bid for it?
Will they divide it up for trade?

Will you fill its skin with harpoons,
Like a whale, with spears?
Raise your hand against it and you will remember the battle.
You won't do that again.

Look! It exceeds all explanation
Who can forecast anything about it?
Even Weatherlawyer will be disappointed.
Hurled down, disconsolate at the mere thought.

What super-powers can stir it?
Who is it that can hold his ground before this son of god?
Who has given it anything to demand reward?
Under the heavens it is Jehovah's.
He isn't hiding the engineering.
The matter of his mightiness
In the grace of its proportions.

Who has uncovered the facets with which it is clothed?
Who will enter its double jaws?
Who can span the chasm of a face none can open?
The very teeth of its entrances are aweful.
Furrowed scales enclosed, stupefying
Battened with a cement seal.
Close-fit octahedrons, admitting no air, super-glued;
Grasping one another, insuperable.

Phreatic eruptions flashing light
Its irisis are the beams of dawn.
Out of the caldera lightning flashes,
Molten debris fountains out.
Like smoke out of its nostrils
Its soul ablaze,
The spirit of ignition.

The core crystalises the epitome of endurance
Before it leaps to destruction
Then its flesh enfolds everything, every mortal thing embedded
Embraced forever, all ingested
As a casting upon the mountaintops, immovable.
The heart of stone.

The mill of god
Rising frightening;
In its spell bewildering.

It can overtake nuclear powers and swallow them whole
Nothing formed by man is its equal
It regards armour as straw,
Plated steel as punk.
What weapons can touch it?

It's missiles are meteors, washed to nothingness in the night
It salts its own ground with the pylons of war
It gurgles with reinforced pillars bristling in its belly
Spewing the deadly weapons of industrial might like a sewer
Its boiling cauldrons… mere pots and pans
Flaring the oceans, seething and searing
A glowing trail shining behind it.
Clouding the depths of wisdom

In the wake of this planet's dust, there is nothing like it.
That which is beyond terror.
Above all and beyond enshrouding.
It is king over all majestic phenomena.”

And the wise man said:

“I have come to know that you are able to do all things,
And there is no idea that is unattainable for you.
‘Who is man, obscuring wisdom with ignorance?’

We speak like fools.
Amazing ourselves with our own stupidity
Things too wonderful for us
Stuff we just have no idea about

Now you, listen to me
I will have my say:
“Question god and let him tell you.
What we have all heard is hearsay

See for yourselves and then take it all back
As for me,
I repent in the fall out.”


11 thoughts on “Mage School 103

  1. I believe that no-one with his heart set on making discoveries worth finding has ever neglected to search for the truth about ALL things.You can not discover "one" thing, for god has put eternity into our hearts and we must bow to the inevitable, however much we wish to disagree with our own findings.The book "Ecclesiastes" (alledgedly written by a great thinker, possibly the finest -certainly one of the finest) had this to say in summation of all the things he found out:Originally posted by Solomon:

    Seek the truth you learned first, before you grow too old to make use of it, before your days are fruitless and without meaning or desire, before your muscles weaken and your bones deteriorate, before your eyes fail and your ears block and before your digestion and the rest of your plumbing strains and leaks and before your heart flutters at mere dreams.Not because the day's activities are difficult and distracting but because he has given us dominion over an earth which is as yet mostly undiscovered.And all the discoveries we have yet to make can only come with divine conception for how else can we discover the things that are unseen or the ones we have been given misdirections about by fools and negligent inspectors.

    But no, I was not preaching. The OP was taken from the book of Job as you recognised but a free translation allows me enough scope to make my pupils think.For there are many unexplained mysteries in the world. Teachings from science play down this fact but you only have to see a picture of the Giant's Causeway and wonder.And wonder at the wondrous…How does wind blow and at the same time hold together the way an hurricane does?If an hurricane is formed from heat in the ocean why is there no counter current in the ocean at the same time?And how does an hurricane reach more strength as it moves?It aught to fade at night, not gather power. And where is this heat coming from in a sea that has been cloud covered while the storm initiated?We never -NEVER- discuss such immutable riddles.And yet from the conception of the bible; its very first lines, the topic of fluid dynamics is explained state by state. Read it again."And the spirit of the chaos was oscillating until it evolved heat enough to radiate from the surface of the fluid."What scripture is that from?

  2. Wondering… where you have gotten such a stuff. They say 'for member only'. Of course I have it into my laptop and last week, they borrowed me a new copy and IIRC it could be installed in Linux. That's 2010 version.

  3. Hmm.. They are finally putting their stuff online. Must be the out of copyright material then?Are they still refusing to use Linux?I have a 2003 copy of your library. Not able to use it on Linux so I am stuck with this dog (Vista) for that and for my copy of Encylopoedia Britannica. (Not that I will use that for any sensible discussions. And I haven't loaded it yet. I doubt I will.)

  4. This is from a developer in a community bug reports forum:Originally posted by nicomen:

    Sorry for the problems, the parser has undergone a long-due refactoring, and ended up having some bugs, could you check if things are working better for you now?

    FYI: Using block element HTML tags like p,br,div,table will trigger not converting linefeeds automatically to tags. This is to accomodate everyone using HTML to present their content.

    I have no idea what any of that means but it certainly sounds impressive.

  5. Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    Wondering… where have you got such stuff? They say it's for members only. Of course I have it in my laptop and last week, they lent me a new copy and IIRC it could be installed in Linux. That's the 2010 version.

    Keep it secret do they?It's amazing what turns up.Apostrophe's sometimes glitch the works on Opera. Your message didn't come through too clearly. the apostrophe's appeared as #39;.Weird borking. Writing #39;. stops the insert or enter key making a paragraph space. I'll have to write to Opera about that.

  6. If everything remains the same on the time, we shall have to use jpg. comments, an image or pic, I mean (Shotscreening our comment and doing a jpg file with them in order to keep on their format, uff!) What an Operamess!

  7. Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    If everything remains the same on the time, we shall have to use jpg. comments, an image or pic, I mean (Shotscreening our comment and doing a jpg file with them in order to keep on their format, uff!) What an Operamess!

    My, but that sounds technical.

    I was offered a new version of Opera when I logged on just now. I think I would like to go back to version 10 or so.

  8. It looks like you aren't having probs with current Opera bugs… those aren't related to Opera browser but text format instead. Have a slight idea about I'm referring, huh?

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