The truth about Pornography

Everything you wanted to know about deviance but were afraid to ask. …


5 thoughts on “The truth about Pornography

  1. I got that from the site you told me about ages ago.I have just come from there.I was reading about someone who had a bad experience at an hospital and was asking advice. It seemed genuine.Some bloke entered an emergency room with a fish allergy. They found traces of drugs on him and treated hm like a pariah.Nobody asked had he used the stuff. I was wondering if he was at a wedding how could he be sure nobody at the party afterwards had slipped him a mickey (assuming he was innocent.) But I didn't care enough to sign in and ask.

  2. There was an Olympics athlete not so long ago who was barred for drugs use. The test they made at a track event put her so far over the top the dosage would have killed her.But even so she couldn't clear her name. Most athletes hope to make it big after they are successful (if they are successful) by getting in on the "old boy network". So such a finding ruined her.The thing is, if someone wanted to dob her in, all they had to do was swap the fake sample she was going to hand in with another fake sample with the illegal drug dose in it.Personally I would turn back the clock and make all drug use legal. Even the hard stuff.It is like the era of Prohibition in the USA.Everyone who wanted a drink could still get one. But the difference was that such people made themselves outlaws, were in danger from raw or wood alcohol and fusel oils and had to deal with criminals.Such a situation is stupid >plus< no government has the right to prevent any adult from doing anything he wants to his own body.

  3. Originally posted by Lazeeitus:

    .. hmm thats interesting :cheers: i agree,its up to people. same with smoking :beer: cheers

    Quite.And with the smoking laws in Britain now, you can clearly see the ones who smoke and the effects it has had on them, bleary eyes and sunken skin -aged 10 years compared to non smokers.Hardly the Marlbrough Man effect they were hoping for behind the bike sheds, so long ago.But that is up to them.

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