Welcome to Opera

I have been using Firefox on this computer since my laptop died or I gave up on it rather. (There is only so much an experienced non nerd can take from Microsoft Vista.)

A Week and more back I got soe updates from Ubuntu. I have to careful with my Internet allowance and last month ran out of line time. So I haven't updated to the full new Ubuntu system. And anyway, talk about the Unity interface has put me off.

Not using Vista means my Internet time has gone a little further, it ran out in two weeks when I first bought the dongle. But I did get a lot of images downloaded.
(I learned my lesson there and go to the library for any serious research if it is graphics intensive.)

But I have never been able to install software into Ubuntu that didn't come from Canonical until today.

It seems I never had the right tool for that job until the recent update.
I can't imagine why.

So now Opera is installed. It took no seconds to download, so I must assume that when I went to the download site and tried to, my OS must have realised I already had a package. So I opened it and Ubuntu's previously unseen installation package opened the "unsafe" software.

All I had to do was insist I wanted it and put mu root passwod in (about three or four times -not sure if I was replicating a procedure.)

So now, in less time than I took to write this blog, I am about to go Opera Live.

Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Opera

  1. That's it. I have removed ebay, bing and whatever from my search tools, set a couple of other things like removing 2 pages from my sign on screen and put my name and password in and there I was.Home. With 8 pictures of Biên Hạ telling me what he was doing on Opera. (All he usually does.) You don't get upset with your friends making friends do you?I wonder why that lad keeps annoying me?He's got to go.Sorry Biên Hạ but you ate all the pies for the last time.

  2. Shoot!I haven't got used to the Supreme People's Freeware Kommader permitting me to use someone else's freeware and opened Firefox as per usual.

  3. I wrote the OP on this thread on the 14th. It is now the 16th, just.I have had Opera drop out on me three or four times so far. Quite frankly such IEdiopathy is getting to be a might irritating.I'd go back to firefox only I made the mistake of loading NoScript and it irritates me even more.Why do developers all insist on placing their little helpers one on top of the other?Don't they know the "scroll down" arrow on a computer monitor should be treated as hallowed ground?Every time I want to see the rest of page I am reading, I have to crane my neck to see around all the useful information NoScript wants to tell me about that I wouldn't use if I could understand.That got old quick.But is it preferable to having a browser that ducks out to the lav twice a day when you are in the middle of something of world shattering importance like correcting someone who is wrong on the internet?

  4. Half way through another one of these essays and it died on me for the last time. Opera is now off the desktop on this PC.

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