USA vss Cuba round 3

Lost one, drew one, which one? …

Cuba does not have a flag of convenience shipping line operated by any of the authorities there. All the cheapo oil tankers running at cut throat price reductions are strictly US and British.
(Also known as registered to not my problem when it breaks.)

News of Cuba's oil riches comes with fears from Florida's coast watchers, you know, the people who didn't really kill Kennedy on that grassy knoll all the witnesses disappeared from so mysteriously.

Estimates on just how much offshore oil Cuba is sitting on vary. A US Geological Survey estimate suggests 4.6bn barrels, the Cubans say 20bn. Just how impartial the BBC reportage is I can't say but the story seems to forget that Cuba isn't the one whose most famous city has just had to evict its citizens from institutions in its American Fall version of the Arab Spring.

Not quite General MacArthurism but getting there:

Something of the kind occurred in London a while back when the Metropolitian Police forced objectors to the G-whatever summit to remain where they were unable to get to relief of any sort for most of the day. One man was murdered in the process.

But to get back to the non story.

The Liberian registered largest drilling rig in the world is looking for oil in extremely deep water just 50 miles off the coast of Florida.

It is not a matter of if we have oil, it is a matter of when we are going to start producing," Rafael Tenreiro, head of exploration for the Cuban state-owned oil company Cupet, confidently predicts.

That's no the problem.

It has sent alarm bells ringing in the United States because if there were an accident, the ocean currents would push any oil spill onto Florida's beaches and the Everglades.

Yet under the US trade embargo, neither American firms nor the Coast Guard could come to Cuba's assistance or provide much needed equipment such as booms, pumps, skimmers and oil dispersant systems.

The Cubans would need to turn to the Norwegians, British or Brazilians for help.

That's not the problem, either:

William Reilly, a former head of the US Environmental Protection Agency and co-author of the government report into last year's BP oil disaster was impressed with Cuba's awareness of the risks and knowledge of the latest international safety measures.

What's put the cat in with the pigeons is that Cuba will do what Venezuela has done with its oil programme and spend some of the money from the enterprise on people who don't count.
The have nots.

And several people not too far from that will be wondering why the same payout never occurred in their country.

This should get interesting.

During the last US Presidential Election Hugo Chavez donated a substantial amount of fuel to the residents of Alaska, suffering from Palinontology.

With a disaster response time of less than 49 hours:
The explosion and blow-out aboard BP's Deepwater Horizon rig off the coast of Louisiana killed 11 people and spilled 5m barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. It was one of the worst environmental disasters ever to hit the Gulf Coast.

It took 85 days to cap the well head, which was 5,500 feet beneath the surface.

But why did the US subcontracted disaster mongers working for a British owned company that has an hideous track record in Alaska get to work the most dangerous acciident prone seas off Florida?

"In the event of a disaster we are talking a response time in terms of equipment of four to six weeks as opposed to 36 or 48 hours. This is a serious impediment," warned Lee Hunt, president of the Texas-based International Association of Drilling Contractors.

That's right. Safety conscious Texan Big Oil is sharing some caring.

Makes you wonder why Iarqi women and children are still dying like flies doesn't it?
One day the BBC is going to put out a news bulletinn that isn't loaded.

But not today.


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