Mandriva 2011

Live DVD or not CD that is the question. …

I was tempted to buy another Linux magazine the other day. I have yet to read it. That sort odf stuff leaves me cold. I only get them to play with the CD on my computer.

I wonder why these things are still called CDs?
They are going out of production next year so I heard.

Like Hoovers, the term has become generic rather than specific. (Hoovers are the generic term for Hoovers which are a species of hoover along with ermmm… other makes of hoover. (A little bit of science for you. Generic terms are derived from the word genus which is an Hebrew word for kind, which differentiates it from the term Species, which is a Greek term for the word kind. But it is a different kind of kind only similar in kind. Kind of.) It's a bit like the difference between CDs and DVDs. Kind of.)

Anyway I wound up the knicker elastic, this computer has a problem in that it won't store the updated BIOS setting. It's like the battery that looks after that is flat. Maybe the terminals are wrecked or bent or something. I'm not going to pay some school lever £25 to find out too neither when for another £25 I can get a new motherboard fitted.

So I got it to boot up in CD mode or whatever the term is. And it started Mandriva. Which was all right as far as it goes but I was looking for the other distro on the DVD. Bloody typical.

Anyway Mandriva 2011 is supposed to be the salvation of the marque, so I played with it a bit. And thought lets see if I can get this thing to fly. And now I am using it to write this post. It's not a bad looking OS.

I might put it on another hard disc but not in the old clapper. I have a couple of old boxes I might try it in -one day.

Meanwhile I want to find Puppy.

So off we go to Linux Format forums.
I mean how may distros do I really need?


2 thoughts on “Mandriva 2011

  1. Hmmm…It's got a tool that lets you look at what's on the clipboard.That's a good thing. I mean how many times do you want to paste something you replaced in your mouse's paste thingy. I mean with 2 Gb of Ram and a twin core 64 bit processor… that aught to be possible oughtn't it.Downside:Getting it to accept certificates is like dealing with a paranoiac. I hope if I install this thing it won't happen all the time. But it probably will.That's not for me. Having a Linux distribution is foolproof enough for safety on most of the sites I go to.So I went to the Mandriva forum and there was a lot of griping.OOF!But on the upside, it was about stuff I don't use, mostly for people who'd have been happier with Windows the other side.For all I know they were "joe jobs", plants put in by the other side; sleepers, ready to wake up and shill for the other side when a new distro comes out.

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