I just pinched this from Unasia

I think that it is his best poem so far. And he will struggle to match it again. …

Brilliant White
by C.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 10:14:08 AM

Now, as I ponder over my given years, I see faces I know and things that I feared
Sometimes its misty, sometimes its so clear …all passing time, measured by ones I hold dear.
So much may not be, as I peer out the door.
I can never love less, I have always loved more.

My place on this earth, a refugee from the storm
That brings me to now and my present form.

When I see the sky, I know I am alive
That this heart I have gained grew when I realised
Its as hard to be me as its hard to be you.

But we are what we are, when we do what we do

The measure of life
Of all that is true
Is what we let die
And all that we grew

So as dusk clears the sky of the blue and the bright, as I measure my blindness, time measures my sight.

I give thanks for the Sun,
The days and the nights

And for all things that went wrong and the things that went right, for the blackness of nothing, or lack of the light that bore witness to me…

And a life brilliant white.


I think its effing brilliant!


4 thoughts on “I just pinched this from Unasia

  1. "he will struggle to match it again"well if that aint a confidence builder…. HAThank you WL. Your alright for a weather lawyer.

  2. I'm not a lawyer.When I first tried to get on the internet I had only ever heard of Yahoo. I was trying to search for stuff I had no idea about and no idea how to search for it.So I thought I had to sign up but they wouldn't let me use my name. I was on a public library computer, they had 2 or 3 IIRC in quite a big town near where I lived.So I had to do it all in an hour or so and find all the answers I wanted.So I just thought of the first thing that came into my head while it blinked at me with it's slow 1990's connection.Weatherlore so…And here I am now, over a decade later.till struggling with the internet.

  3. "struggling with the internet"it is a vast land of wonder, and a child of sorts right now. Took me till…. ehhh, its the future good and bad.

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