British Television’s Channel 4

A picture of hell. …

If you have ever wondered what the hell the world would look like in a picture if the bean counters and bank managers and WalMart and Tesco executives finally took total control of the earth here is more than a thousand words can say:

I have saved the web page for posterity so that when people say to me one day when my work is done and I am ready for the long beddie-byes.

"Tell us about the bad old days. What was it really like."

And I will open my old computer and see their eyes open wide in astonishment and puzzlement over the incredible old machinery and unbelievable boot up sequences.

And I will open the file that says it all and they will see for themselves. And not be able to comprehend.

And I will be totally unable to help them. And then they will feel sorry for me and think that indeed their parents were born from monkeys.

And that will be the worst of it because the relics like:

…will exist and make it look exactly like we spent most of our time swinging in the trees and masturbating, indulging in all sorts of bestial games and have nothing better to do than drop pellets of excrement onto everything beneath us.


5 thoughts on “British Television’s Channel 4

  1. It hardly compares to the Weather Channel does it.Make us wonder what that fool Phil was so cut up about to start off Groundhog Day whingeing like that.I wouldn't have minded a long ride with Andie Macdowell.You Yanks don't know you're born!

  2. Christ I was still chuckling this morning, you do the best tirades. I was in fricken tears last night laughing so hard, thank you.

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